Moving Beauty. Cinemagraphs by Lindsay Adler.

Author, fashion and beauty photographer Lindsay Adler has brought her beautiful images to life with subtle movement by creating Cinemagraphs. These ‘living’ photos capture the attention of viewers on social media like Facebook nine times more than a still photo, making them a smart choice for capturing attention on such platforms.

What is a Cinemagraph?
Cinemagraphs are a way to combine photography and video. They are “living” or “moving” photos that combine the best of both. Traditionally created using software apps like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, Flixel’s award-winning apps makes the process fast, fun and super-easy to do.

Cinemagraphs by Lindsay Adler

Made with Flixel’s Cinemagraph Pro for Mac

Starry Night (Makeup:Griselle Rosario, Model: Jennifer Daniel)

Manor (Model: Inna. Styling: LSC. Hair and makeup Griselle Rosario)

A Touch of Noir (Hair and Makeup: Johnny Gonzalez; Model: Jennifer Daniel)

Beauty in Macro (Makeup by Georgina Billington, Nails by Mimi Wilson):

Desert Queen (Stylist: Holly Suan Gray, Model: Agnieszka, Hair: Helga Bosman, Makeup: Natasha Zaki?)

Sleeping Beauty Awakens:

At top: Feng Shui (Model: Eve Liu, Makeup: Georgina Billington, Headpiece: Posh Fairytale Couture)

Lindsay Adler,  photo by Brooke Shaden (about whose surreal portrait photography I blogged about here):

Flixel Wizard and Lindsay Adler teamed with Flixel Studios on this cinemagraph series showcased on giant 4K displays last year at WPPI:

Lindsay Adler is very active in teaching and educating. Follow her on Facebook here.
Lindsay Adler Photography

Make your own moving profile pic for Facebook
Flixel allows you to make your own ‘moving’ profile pic for Facebook free. However, you do need the following three items:
1. An iPhone or iPad
2. A tripod (absolutely essential)
3. Cinemagraph Pro for iOS
Further instructions here

Check out the tutorials on creating flixels like this here.

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