Collaborative Verdo Lighting Collection from Industry West x Studio UNLTD

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If you’re looking for something a little different when it comes to brightening up your home, the new Verdo Collection of Lighting, a collaborative effort from Industry West x Studio UNLTD, is just what Mother Nature ordered.

Verdo Lighting Collection from Industry West x Studio UNLTD

Artisan-crafted furniture and decor dealer Industry West teamed up with award-winning hospitality design firm Studio UNLTD to create the Verdo Lighting Collection. The exclusive line of decorative fixtures is designed around the concept of biophilia — the human tendency to be drawn toward nature.

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The five lighting fixtures are inspired by the asymmetrical balance found in nature. Each is constructed of matte black finished metal and has contrasting brown leather accents.

The metal mesh spheres or globes incorporated into each fixture’s design is what makes the Verdo Collection so unique.
verdo lighting collection

These skeletal spheres are designed to be filled with small pieces of greenery, real or faux. Drapey succulents and air plants work beautifully as botanical accents with the dimmable glass globe lights.

air plants and succulents IIHIh

A suspended chandelier, a pendant lamp, a wall sconce, a linear wall sconce and a table lamp comprise the collection. In each, the plants balance in asymmetric harmony with the softly illuminated glass globes that provide the illumination.

Verdo Sconce $285
modern lighting for the home
In situ:
wall sconce with living plant

Verdo Linear Sconce $445
cool wall sconce
In situ:

Verdo Table Lamp $285
Verdo Table Lamp IIHIH
In situ:
table lamp

Verdo Pendant $445
pendant lights
In situ:

Verdo Chandelier $1,150
modern chandelier
In Situ:

This design invites exploration and experimentation with different botanical combinations. Endlessly customizable, you can change them and try various combinations for different looks

“We’ve had a keen interest to design a fixture or piece of furniture that has the versatility to allow the end user to make it their own,” said Terri Robison, Studio UNLTD’s Principal and Design Director. “We love the idea of creating a design product which still leaves a bit to the imagination and extends the longevity of the piece.”

Each piece includes a bit of faux greenery to get started.

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all images courtesy of Industry West