Embroidered Heirloom Jewellery Boxes Cost More Than Most People’s Jewelry

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These handmade embroidered heirloom jewellery boxes are truly spectacular. It’s no wonder, given they are from Jessica McCormack, a high-end London designer and jeweller whose contemporary diamond pieces and bridal collections are drop-dead gorgeous. When we say these cost more than most people’s jewelry, we mean it. These start at $25k a piece.

Embroidered Heirloom Jewellery Boxes

Detail of embroidery from the Cosmic heirloom jewellery box. photo: Jessica McCormack

Each Heirloom Box is unique, consisting of an antique wooden case which has been carefully restored to a high polish, outfitted with a custom brass plaque and lined in velvet. The interior of each drawer and lid is embellished with hand embroidery featuring various motifs, depending upon the overall theme of the box. The patterns are designed in-house and hand stitched using traditional methods.

Detail of embroidery from the Patch heirloom jewellery box. Photo @jessica_mccormack

These are serious gifts for true jewelry lovers. With a starting price of £20,000.00 ($25,258. USD), each includes approximately £8,000 ($10,000 USD) worth of Jessica McCormack jewellery, of your choice, to be added to the box once completed. And believe me, it’s not hard to pick out 10k worth of her jewellery.

Here are a few of our favorites.

The Patch Heirloom Heirloom Jewellery Box

hand embroidered jewelery boxes
patch heirloom jewellery box
jessica mccormack bespoke
Price: £25,000.00 ($31,572. USD)

The Mother Earth Heirloom Jewellery Box

Mother Earth Heirloom jewellery box extjessica mccormack jewellery boxes
bespoke jewellery boxes
heirloom jewellery box
Price: £20,000.00 ($25,258. USD)

The Cosmic Heirloom Jewellery Box

Cosmic Heirloom Jewellery boxjessica mccormack heirloom jewellery box
custom jewelry boxes

detail cosmic heirloom jewelry box
Price: £20,000.00 ($25,258. USD)

The Botanical Heirloom Jewellery Box

Botanical Heirloom jewellery box ext
jessica mccormack jewellery box
custom jewelry boxes
Price: £20,000.00 ($25,258. USD)

The Ocean Heirloom Jewellery Box

high end jewellery boxes
bespoke jewellery boxes
ocean heirloom box
Price: £25,000.00 ($31,572. USD)

Favourite Things Heirloom Jewellery Box

Price: £25,000.00 ($31,572. USD)

Visit Jessica McCormack’s site here to see and learn more about these stunning boxes.

all images courtesy of Jessica McCormack