The VanDutch 32 Is “Entry Level” To A Lifestyle Most Of Us Just Dream Of.

vandutch 32 entry level yacht

There a few phrases more obnoxious than “entry-level yacht” but if you appreciate beautiful design, you’re likely to enjoy checking out the aesthetically appealing, sleek-looking VanDutch 32. The new VD32 replaces the brand’s previous VD30 with a series of new innovations and some very sexy Italian styling.

VanDutch 32 Entry Level Yacht

VD32 profile

The newest model of the VanDutch range of yachts, the VanDutch 32, from Italy’s Cantiere del Pardo has the brand’s recognizable characteristics in its minimalist design and sleek hull.

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In addition to being beautiful, the new VD 32 emphasizes innovation, performance, design, and service, in combination with the high quality construction from ‘Made in Italy’ professionals.

VanDutch 32 yacht

The VanDutch 32 replaces the previous VD 30, benefiting from a whole series of innovations linked to the high standards guaranteed by Italian craftsmanship. The VD 32 is not simply a larger hull, but a totally revolutionary project: new hull lines and an increase in overall dimensions allow for greater flexibility in the use of space and comfort with an exclusive appeal.

VanDutch 32 Entry Level Yacht

VanDutch 32 Entry Level Yacht

32 meter yacht

The redesigned hull has a smart deck arrangement and a wider swimming platform. And in that deep hull there’s a bathroom and built in banquette seating.

An adjustable aft sunpad area adds to the spacious seating and areas to relax.

VanDutch 32 Entry Level Yacht

Equipped with a standard 1 X VOLVO V8 430-CE GASOLINE engine, you can upgrade to 560 or 600 horsepower gasoline engines with a joystick or a diesel engine with 380hp.

VD32 on ocean

The new reconfigured cockpit is available with either the standard 12″ or upgraded 16″ Garmin Electronics raised helm display with maximum control.

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With the luxurious sunbathing areas, quality sound system, diffused lighting, swim platform and a dedicated bar counter, the new VanDutch has everything you need for a perfect day out on the water.

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Technical specs:

VD32 entry level yacht

images and information courtesy of VanDutch  and their IG account.