Unusual Blown Glass Fish Bowls By Roger Arquer.

roger arquer fish bowls

This project presents fifteen different pieces that explore variations of the iconic image of a fishbowl. Each piece examines a topic or suggests a solution to a different issue, as human qualities are being attributed to a fish.

Roger Arquer Fish Bowls

roger arquer fishbowl-sketches

blown glass art

hand blown glass fishbowls

Thoughtful and yet playful, the hand blown glass Fish Bowls relate with Birdland and MouseTraps, two previous projects by Roger Arquer that also explore variations.

roger arquer fish bowls

Under Candlelight tells us about candlelight floating on water for a romantic evening:
19fishbowl-under candle light

XS or XL tells us about relationships between big and small fish living together:
30fishbowl-xs or xl

Dear Neighbor tells us about the delicate relationships we have with our close neighbors:
28fishbowl-dear neighbour

Pure Life tells us about purifying the water directly when refilling the bowl:
22fishbowl-pure life

Chill Out / Warm Up tells us about how we can control water temperature adding hot water or ice in the small receptacle:
21fishbowl-chill out, warm up

Russian Dolls tell us about how big the fish wants to grow. If it stays in the small bowl, the fish will keep small. If it goes to the big, it will grow:
20fishbowl-russian dolls

Bottle Vase tells us about how we use objects for another purposes other than their original function:
25fishbowl-bottle vase

Private Matters tells us about privacy for the fish:
24fishbowl-private matters

Hanging From a String tells us about playfulness in an apparently threatening situation:
29fishbowl-hanging from a string

Do Not Piss Me Off tells us about the power to decide between the life and death of the fish:
26fishbowl-dont piss me off

Above Water tells us about sharing the water between the fish bowl and the plant:
27fishbowl-above water

Wishing Well tells us about cultural traditions related to throwing coins on wells or fountains:
23fishbowl-wishing well

About The Artist:

Roger Arquer was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1975. Graduated in Design at ESDI, Barcelona (1994-1998). A year after his graduation, he moved to New York City (1999-2003) to work as industrial designer. After New York, he moved to London to attend an MA in Design Products at the Royal College of Art (2003-2005). During the summer break in RCA he worked as designer in Zurich (Switzerland). He set up his own design practice in London after RCA.

Since he was student he has received design awards, such as Opus Design Award (Japan), Coram Design (Netherlands), Adi-Fad (Barcelona), RCA Society/Thames Hudson Book Prize (London), among others.

He also has been exhibiting his work: Design Mart Design Museum (2005-6), British Council Design Exhibition (Milan 2005), aRChAeology at Royal College of Art (London 2005), or Park and Products at Serpentine Gallery (London 2004), On/Off Design Experience (Seoul 2005), among others.

all text and images courtesy of the artist.

Roger Arquer