Fishbowl Shaped Like A World Map Is A Trip For Goldfish.

Designboom (who promoted the design competition) featured this fabulous fish tank concept, World Trip, which won a 2012 TIFF award. The clear acrylic tank was designed by Takuro Yamamoto and is made to emulate a world map through which the little fish can meander. Read more

Fish On The Edge. The Bubble Tank by Richard Bell for Psalt Design.

Created for Psalt Design, a Sheffield based Furniture and Product Design company, the ‘Bubble Tank Project’ by Richard Bell is a series of hand-blown glass bowls which have been counterbalanced to create the illusion that they are hanging precariously over the edge of a surface. Read more

The Nautilus Peepbox Aquarium Melds Steampunk Design With Modern Materials.

Nautilus Peepbox Aquarium

The Nautilus Peepbox Aquarium, designed by George Maridakis for the Netherland’s Spell,  is constructed of Perspex and aluminum. The illuminated cylindrical fish tank has a Jules Verne-meets-the-new-millenium look and style. Read more

Unusual Blown Glass Fish Bowls By Roger Arquer.

roger arquer fish bowls

This project presents fifteen different pieces that explore variations of the iconic image of a fishbowl. Each piece examines a topic or suggests a solution to a different issue, as human qualities are being attributed to a fish. Read more

The Three AIR Aquariums By Design Studio Usin-e.

The newest AIR 3 Aquarium design (shown above) by Rémi Bouhaniche and Amaury Poudray of Lyon, France design studio Usin-e is the third in their series of modern laboratory glassware fish tanks. Read more

Modern Glass Vessels / Fish Tanks By Vanessa Mitrani

VM-fish tank and dishes hero IIHIH
above: The No Limits Bowl, glass and porcelain and the Panoramic fish tank of glass and steel

Amongst her large repertoire of work, French artist Vanessa Mitrani creates beautiful and functional hand-blown glass decorative vessels that can also function as fish tanks or fishbowls. Read more