Wild Typographic Illusions Drawn By Hand

Typographic illusions drawn by hand

Artist RYLSEE, whose real name is Cyril Vouilloz, works with all sorts of expressions of letters and the written word. The bulk of his art, design, murals, posters and t-shirts predominantly feature his own typography.

Typographic Illusions Drawn By Hand

Typographic Illusions Drawn By Hand

With a background in typography, design and mural painting, he’s a self-professed fanatic when it comes to words and hand-drawn type compositions.

pen and ink drawings

Much of the drawings and art the Geneva-born artist posts on Instagram fool the eye with illusions. Created entirely by hand with no digital manipulation, the pen, ink, pencil and cut paper art mimics technological glitches and three dimensions.

The following examples are some of my favorite photos and drawings from his Instagram feed. Several are from his #Sketchbook2point0 series, which is entirely hand drawn or, as he calls it, “created 100% analogically.”

hand drawn type illusions with type typographic illusions type designtrompe l'oeil drawings typography illusions drawings
typography hand drawn illusions

I’m also a fan of these distorted letters, first drawn and then painted on plywood for art installations:

typographic art

typographic art

He has also opened SNEEER, an online store selling his new line of clothing.

One of RYLSEE’s tee shirts in his SNEEER clothing line

Originally from Geneva Switzerland and currently living in Berlin, Rylsee has worked for a variety of local and international companies on branding, promotion, and in-store display installations.


His art has been featured and exhibited in Switzerland, France, U.S.A, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Tel-Aviv, Vancouver and São Paulo.

RYLSEE mural in Tel Aviv
RYLSEE mural in Tel Aviv
Cyril Vouilloz, aka RYLSEE


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