This Trump Global Warming Snow Globe Is Hilarious

Trump Snow Globe

This has got to be our favorite Snow Globe of the year, and we like snow globes. This hilarious hand painted polyresin snow globe uses President Trump’s actual November 7th, 2012 tweet about Global Warming as the basis for its theme.

Trump Global Warming Snow Globe

Trump Global Warming Snow Globe

Having stupidly tweeted publicly “It’s snowing and freezing in New York, where is global warming when we need it?” the snow globe portrays the President as speculated, but never confirmed, the moment the tweet was sent.

trump global warming tweet

Expertly hand crafted by a polyresin specialist the sculpture has Trump’s signature hair, eyebrows, belly, and tighty-whities as he shivers in his undies among New York skyscrapers. Shake it and white snow falls upon The Donald.

Novelty Snow Globe
shown with apple for scale

Trump Global Warming Snow Globe

The snow globe, or snowdome, created by an unnamed husband and wife team, doubles as a paperweight. Makes a great gift for The Left or The Right, with a sense of humor.

Global Warming Snow Globe

Length x Width: 3.5″ x 3.5″
Overall height: 5.5″

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