Artist Depicts Himself In Giant Snow Globe

We’ve brought you multiple stories about snow globes as art, products and installations before. But this is a slightly different interpretation on both scale and meaning. The Past Is A Foreign Country is a life size sculpture created by artist Friedrich Kunath. An installation in the 2011-12 group show, The World Belongs to You, at Palazzo Grassi, the artist’s autobiographical story is depicted by a man whose head is encapsulated in a giant snow globe. Read more

This Trump Global Warming Snow Globe Is Hilarious

This has got to be our favorite Snow Globe of the year, and we like snow globes. This hilarious hand painted polyresin snow globe uses President Trump’s actual November 7th, 2012 tweet about Global Warming as the basis for its theme. Read more

Steampunk Snow Globes By Camryn Forrest. One Of A Kind Shakeable Art.

Steampunk Snow Globesabove: Steampunk Airship snow globe by Camryn Forrest designs

Two of my favorite things have been combined by artist Camryn Forrest. The Steampunk genre and the Snow Globe (or water globe or snowdome). Her intricate little shakeable sculptures combine elements associated with the Victorian age of machinery along with copper, silver or rich pewter glitter as the “snow”. The bases upon which the glass encased sculptures sit vary in materials, from marble to woods, and are decorated with “Steampunk” styled embellishments. Read more