The New Nativity Set For Evolutionists.

When we posted the Hipster Nativity set two years ago on the official Facebook If It’s Hip, It’s Here page, we received a ton – and I mean TON- of comments (the video has over 4,000 comments, many referring to sacrilege). This Nativity Set is bound to cause a similar reaction amongst believers. Artist Ron English’s New Nativity Scene is for those who believe more in Science and Evolution than The Almighty.

New Nativity Set by Ron English

New Nativity Set by Ron English

If you subscribe to Atheism (and perhaps Agnosticism) you will undoubtedly see the humor – and the scientific reference to evolution – in this vinyl figure Nativity set, which is available for purchase. Created by irreverent artist Ron English for his company Popaganda, the set depicts vinyl sculpted Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus in the manger, only they are of Simian descent as opposed to Human.

The box reads ‘The New Nativity – Evolution’s Way of Remembering The Future’ and “On The Eighth Day, God Created Evolution.”

Created in conjunction with the Joseph Gross Gallery, the limited edition set initially cost $200 in 2015, but is now available directly from the artist for $100 or there’s one left on Amazon for $189 here.

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