Giant Diapered Trump Baby Blimp To Fly Over Parliament Square?

While activist Leo Murray and others behind the inflatable protest are awaiting final approval from the Metropolitan Police and National Air Traffic Service, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has given a green light to fly the six meter high orange, inflatable baby with a malevolent face and tiny hands over central London during Trump’s UK visit on July 13th.

Trump Baby Blimp

Trump Baby Blimp

Financially funded on June 18th via the UK’s Crowdfunder, the Trump Baby blimp is a 6 meter high balloon made by a professional inflatables company. He was designed to be flown in the skies over Parliament Square during Trump’s visit as a protest. The 2 hour balloon flight will take place at the same time as the “Stop Trump” march in central London.

“This is how the world sees him,” says Leo Murray, 41, the British environmentalist who came up with the idea to make the balloon. “This is what we tried to do here, encapsulate in a very simple graphic metaphor, what the world understands Donald Trump to be.”

Upon financial funding and the gathering of signatures, a signed petition petition was presented to Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, asking him to grant the consent to fly Trump Baby over Parliament on the U.S. President’s visit, which – to the delight of Anti-Trump fans, he did yesterday.

“This is not a protest against America or Americans. This is a protest against what Donald Trump is turning America into,” Murray added, speaking to TIME in London on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the Mayor said: “The Mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms. His city operations team have met with the organizers and have given them permission to use Parliament Square Garden as a grounding point for the blimp.”

“We’re hoping the extra money is going to allow Baby Trump to go on tour, to visit the United States but also other assorted locations around the world where Donald Trump may be going,” says Murray. “Hopefully Baby Trump is going to start haunting him, following him around.”
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