Wacky Meets Preppy in the 2019 Spring Summer Menswear from Thom Browne

thom brown 2019 paris fashion week

Pink and green, lobsters and whales, saddle shoes.. now take all those preppy icons and add some wacky proportions, outlandish accessories, a few gnomes and a colorful picket face and you’ve got Thom Browne’s undeniably surreal Spring-Summer 2019 Menswear Show on the catwalk in Paris.

Thom Browne 2019 Spring Summer Menswear

thom browne gnomes

The Thom Browne 2019 Spring Summer Menswear collection was like a trip down memory lane for recovered “Preppies”…only on acid. Oversized coats, wide leg pants and straw bowlers topped with Gerbera daises walked down the runway at Paris Fashion Week to David Bowie’s “There Is a Happy Land.” The surreal event took place on a real turf-lined catwalk complete with a child’s play house, bearded gnomes and a picket fence.

thom browne 2019 runway show

thom browne 2019 runway show

Vogue called the collection “acid-envisaged, couture-level, hyper-colored realizations of preppy White Anglo-Saxon Protestant America.” and that pretty much nails it.

thom browne 2019 runway show

thom browne 2019

In the new collection, Browne combined nautical icons with pin-striping, checks and bold colors. Varied textiles, many embroidery-embellished, were turned into disproportionate vests, skirts, trousers, shorts, cardigans, jackets and overcoats.

plaid mens jacket

menswear thom browne

paris fashion week 2019

thom browne paris 2019

crazy menswear

Preppy staples such as seersucker, pinstripes, plaid, argyle, even pearls could be found throughout the collection.

seersucker shorts with crab

lobster pants

anchor jacket

The Accessories
thom browne bowler

thom browne mens hats

The ensembles were punctuated by mismatched socks, brightly colored platform Saddle Shoes, horn-rimmed glasses and a varied collection of bags and briefcases.

platform saddle shoes

thom browne menswear and saddle shoes

thom browne mens fashion 2019

dacshund handbag thom brown

thom brown dog-shaped handbag

whale handbag thom browne

pink whale purse

“We started with the gnomes because they are funny, just nonsense. . . . It really was taking where it all began and playing with the proportions of the season. I think a lot of people don’t know where it goes in real life. . . .” This was real life? “That’s why you had the frames to see the world through my eyes! You didn’t get that?” Ahhh! “It was just nonsense and ridiculous and I wanted it all to be that. And Pride . . . a world where everybody gets along.” – Thom Browne

runway show finale thom browne

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