Villa Walala: If Ettore Sottsass Made A Bouncy House!

villa walala memphis style bouncy house

Artist Camille Walala has created Villa Walala, an inflatable playful installation for this year’s London Design Festival’s Landmark Project which resembles a piece of Memphis-style sculpture. Read more

The 12 Coolest Artist Designed Pool Floats and Toy Inflatables.

artist designed pool toys and floats

Artist designed pool toys and floats, rafts and bopables are a great way to bring art into your life in a whole new dimension. Ranging from $24 to $350, these 12 functional vinyl inflatables are designed in limited editions and add more than just a splash to your pool and home. Read more

Inflatable Pods Pop Up For Commercial and Residential Use: AirClad

AirClad Inflatable pods

With the growing popularity of ‘Pop Up’ events like fashion shows, art exhibits. concerts, demos, promotional marketing, food fairs and the like, the idea of creating temporary and portable but sturdy inflatable structures that can be furnished, lit and branded is a smart one. Read more