The Truck Art Project and Palibex Murals Highlight Urban Artists from Spain

truck art project and Palibex murals

Jaime Colsa, founder and CEO of Spain’s truck transport company Palibex (aka PBX) is a lover and supporter of the arts and local culture. Their building and their trucks have been used as canvases to showcase the urban artwork of contemporary Spanish artists.

Truck Art Project and Palibex Murals

Murals at PBX
PBX  (Palibex) is a wonderful supporter of the arts and culture. Their building in Spain features exterior and interior murals by local contemporary artists.

The following two exterior murals were created for Movember on the Palibex Transport building in Spain.

Movember for PBX by Okuda:
Okuda for PBXOkuda for PBXOkuda for PBXMovember for PBX by Antoyo Marest:
Antonio Marest for PBXAntonio Marest for PBX

And inside the Palibex building, you will find the following two interior murals.

Presences by Suso33:
Suso33 for PBXSuso33 for PBXUnderwater by ROSH333:
ROSH333 for PBXROSH333 for PBXROSH333 for PBXROSH333 for PBXThe Truck Art Project
The Truck Art Project is an original project created for the ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair and driven by Colsa. The trucks serve as a canvas for some of today’s hottest Spanish urban, graffiti and street artists. This amazing network of mobile art consists of 100 trucks that will serve as a support or canvas for different contemporary artists as they perform their usual trade routes across the Spanish territory.

Daniel Muñoz “San”

Javier Calleja
javier callejaJ A V I E R - C A L L E J A

Marina Vargas
Marina VargusMarina vargas

Okuda San Miguel
okauda san miguelOkauda San Miguel

suso33suso33 portrait

Javier Arce
Javier Arce Truck projectJavier Arce

Abraham Lacalle
abraham lacalleAbraham Lacalle portrait

truck art project

The Truck Art Project was curated by Galería Javier López & Fer Frances and Oscar Sanz (of the Iam Gallery) on the part of urban art.