Leonard Nimoy, We Salute You.

A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Next to ‘flipping the bird’ and the ‘thumbs up’ the Vulcan Salute, made famous by Leonard Nimoy as Star Trek’s Spock, is the most recognized hand gesture in the world. Nimoy passed away this morning at the age of 83, leaving behind many saddened friends and fans.

Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

vulcan salute in honor of nimoy's passing
Nimoy’s handprints in concrete outside the famed Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood even feature the Vulcan Salute:

As a tribute to Nimoy, who actually devised the hand symbol himself based upon his own Jewish heritage, I felt the following images to be a most fitting way to honor his passing.

No words necessary.

shatner vulcan salute
Premiere Of Paramount's "Star Trek" - George takei live_long_and_prosper__daid__by_misspsycopath-d6qlula Sarek_and_Picard vulcan salute
karl Urban Vulcan Salute
Neil DeGrasse Vulan salute TStarTrek
Jim Parsons Salute
reese witherspoon vulcan salute
zachary Quinto vulcan salute
jim carrey vulcan salute
benedict cumberbath vulcan salute
chris pine giving Vulcan Salute
glee dude vulcan salute
zoe saldana vulcan salute
kaley cuoco vulcan salute
Pharrell Vulcan salute
Jeff Vespa giving vulcan salute
Scott bakula _vulcan_salute,_KirShara
heid klum vulcan salute
flickr live geek and prosper
star trek cosplay
star trek simon-pegg vulcan salute
Diana Muldaur as Miranda_Jones_Live_Long_and_Prosper
vulcan-salute to leonard nimoy
lea-thompson vulcan salute
live_long_and_prosper fan
deforrest kelley vulcan salute
Vulcans-episode star trek TOS live_long_and_prosper_by_linus108nicole StarClub Inc.'s Private Party Hosted By Tyrese Gibson David tennant vulcan salute hayden pantierre vulcan salute Kelly_Gives_The_Vulcan_Salute_by_Princess_Kraehe
Stephen+Fry+Star+Trek+Vulcan Salute
AR Vulcan Salutelivehand

May Mr. Nimoy Rest in Peace and may you all Live Long and Prosper.

a special thanks to the fans, artists, celebrities and more whose images I found through Google, Flickr and DeviantArt

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