Treeson Spring Water & Unique Recycling Program Launch

Treeson Spring Water Recycling Program

There are a million bottled waters out there. Okay, maybe not a million, but more than enough to confuse the average consumer. Especially with many of them claiming to be toxin-free, organic, eco-friendly and the like. But Treeson, a uniquely bottled spring water that has finally come to market, has a special return and recycling program and plants one tree for every bottle sold.

Treeson Spring Water

Treeson Spring Water Recycling Program

Treeson first received press when they launched their original kickstarter campaign on March 14, 2014 and successfully raised $96,242 with 648 backers. Although it’s taken a few years, and a lot of anticipation, the beautifully bottled water and smart recycling system are now operational.

Carlton Solle, the man behind Treeson, explains the problem and his solution:

The Bottle Design:

“The Leaf Bottle” and its leaf shape allows it to collapse flat when empty for easy mailing. It is made entirely from plant-based materials. It is 100% toxin-free and is certified free of any GMOs (many “bioplastics” are made from GMO corn). Our labels are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

green bottle design

The Return Recycling Program

The bottles, in eco-friendly packaging are delivered to your door by the case each month. Each bottle comes with a reply mail label designed to stick right on the bottle when empty, which can be easily collapsed and then be popped into any USPS mail box.

recycling program

Or use the special bulk return bag included with monthly orders. Once the empty bottle(s) is/are received by Treeson, they are put through a special process that turns them into clean energy used to make more bottles.

The Natural Spring Water:
spring water treeson

World’s finest sourced spring water: Treeson uses only the finest sourced natural spring water and then passes it through a purification process that models how the rainforest purifies water as it goes through its canopy. Then Treeson adds back electrolytes and oxygen to give your body a natural boost.

Treeson Water Purity Comparison by Brand
Treeson Water Purity Comparison by Brand

One Bottle = One Tree
treeson water

For every bottle of Treeson sold, there is a tree planted in order to ensure there will always be plenty of fresh water and clean air for years to come.

The team behind Treeson:
• Carlton Solle, the brainchild behind the project
• Jason Abreu, an incredibly talented designer, packaging & strategic branding visionary.
• Jeff Halferty, resident Leed-certified architect and all around clean-energy specialist.
• Hazel Duarte, health and wellness expert and all around beverage industry guru. From R&D to manufacturing to distribution, she knows the business inside out.

How To Buy

Treeson offers three options: A Three or Six Monthly Case Plan where the water is shipped (free) monthly to your door along with one of their bulk return bags. The first 1000 people to purchase the third option, a full year of 36 cases (3 per month) will also receive 500 shares in Carlton Solle’s company, +Space, Inc

Sign up to choose your option and start receiving your Treeson Water here


all information, images and videos courtesy of Treeson