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Great Gummi Bear Gifs & Tale by Christoph Niemann

Gummi Bear Chronicles

What a treat. These adorable animated gifs and the engaging story accompanying them were created by columnist Christoph Neimann for his Abstract Sunday blog which appears in the New York Times Magazine.

The following text and animated gifs have been reproduced from the original which appeared in print on 10/12/2014 on page MM42 of the New York edition with the headline: The Gummi Bear Chronicles.

Christoph Niemann’s Gummi Bear Chronicles

My children think they can hide their candy consumption from me. But they fail to recognize my tactical advantage: They mistake me for an ignorant grown-up, when I’m actually an eternal preteen. My relationship to sweets has hardly changed since I was their age. Yes, I might eat candy less often now. But once I start, a precise choreography ensues.

The first Gummi bear is the best. After a few chews, the sweetness and acidity hit the tongue, then shoot into the nervous system.

The second one reaches the head and heart, and the third spreads through the entire body. Now would technically be the perfect time to stop.

Oh, the spectrum of colors. I create heavenly chords and progressions.

I eat and eat; the sugar flows; the bag is still assuringly heavy in my hand.

Around the 25 percent mark, I observe that the serving size has drastically increased from one bear to whole handfuls.

The sugar high dissolves into a blunt dullness, like Styrofoam slowly expanding in the space between my skin and bones.

I hate Gummi bears.

There is only one way to make the anguish stop: I must finish the entire pack swiftly and ruthlessly.

I plow through the remainder of the pack in a daze. Only the acidity of the yellow bears can deliver a barely noticeable kick.

I am turning into a Gummi bear — a terrible state that’s topped only by the terror of realizing . . .

. . . that all of a sudden, the pack is empty.

Oh, no!

But wait. The bag seems just a tiny bit too heavy.

One last straggler is hunted down. I’m so delighted that I even
resort to nibbling.

The End.

About the Artist
Christoph Niemann is an artist, writer and visual columnist for The Times Magazine.
He sells his original drawings and screenprints here

Niemann is the author of many books, among them “Sunday Sketching“, “The Pet Dragon,” which teaches Chinese characters to young readers, “I LEGO N.Y.” and “Subway,” which is based on “The Boys and the Subway,” the first entry of the Abstract City blog. His book, “Abstract City,” includes the first 16 chapters of his blog, plus an essay on creativity.

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His work has appeared on the covers of The New Yorker, Newsweek, Wired and American Illustration. In 2010 he was inducted into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame.

You can also find him on his website  or on Twitter: @abstractsunday.