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TRASHed At Coachella 2017 : Artist Decorated Recycling Bins!

Artist decorated trash bins at Coachella

Today is Earth Day. The perfect time to share the artist decorated trash recycling bins for 2017. The last time I shared with you a slew of artist decorated trash cans it was way back in 2012. Now in its 14th year, Global Inheritance has continued to select a limited number of artists to decorate recycling bins to promote global awareness and recycling at the Coachella music festival.

TRASHed At Coachella 2017

RASHed At Coachella 2017

This year 45+ talented artists were selected to redesign a 65-gallon recycling bin to grace the grounds of Coachella. In return for their skills and talent, they received a VIP pass for the festival and other benefits. Prior to appearing at the music festival, the bins were showcased at a free one night event in downtown Los Angeles.

Thanks to the artists sharing their work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I have photos of over 55 to share with you. It took me two entire days of searching, looking up artists and scanning their social media sites to find these. If I haven’t included a photo of a particular artist’s bin it’s because I either could not find the artist on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Instagram, or they did not post photos of their bin on their social media accounts. Or they may not have ended up participating in the event. As you will see there are a few artists who did participate but are not on the flyer.

2017 Headlining Artists and their trash bins (in alphabetical order)
Amanda Lee: There are several creative ‘Amanda Lee’s out there. Multiple illustrators, typographers, video artists, glassware artists, painters, bridal designers and more. I have no idea which one participated in this.
Art One: So many who use this name or hashtag, I have not been able to find the correct one.
Ashley Macias (no bin found)

artist-decorated trash bins
B. Yarza aka Bárbara Yarza
Ben Swenson’s bin is half BJ & The Bear and Half Any Which Way But Loose.
artist-decorated trash bins
Brandon Sopinsky

Caro Cordova (I cannot find this artist’s site or work at all)

artist-decorated trash bins
Carolina Chavez aka @darxstarr does a Stranger Things Bin
Caroline Geys
Caroline Geys aka @carolinegeys
artist-decorated trash bins
Ritchie Konk aka @chicreate
Daisuke Okamoto
Daisuke Okamoto aka @okainaimage
Danté Marshall
Danté Marshall aka @dmars64
Danté Marshall
Danté Marshall aka @dmars64 with his bin
decorated trash bins
DART aka Darren Downing
Dart aka Darren Dowling
painted garbage cans
Emily Giglio
trashed at coachella
Frank Lemūs aka @lemus_frank with his bin
FunWOW aka @FunWOW
Gabriela Kochanowski aka @gabidoodledoo with her bin

Gareb Shamus (no bin found)

Ilan Leas
Ilan Leas aka @ilan_leas
Isaac Caruso
Isaac Caruso
Jacob Livengood
Jacob Livengood aka @warholbot
Jacob Livengood
Jacob Livengood aka @warholbot
Jeni Pinto aka @MissJeniii also created a Stranger Things-Inspired bin
Jarrett Quon
Jarrett Quon aka @ohraley
Jeremiah Garcia
Jeremiah Garcia
Jokk Luis Delgadillo aka @jokk_works
orge Riverol
Jorge Riverol aka @jriverol
Josh Mayhem
Josh Mayhem aka @joshmayhem1

LaurenYS (no bin found)

Livia Soong
Livia Soong aka @livsoong
Michael Ong
Michael Ong aka M1KEZOR
Mikolaj Wyszynski
Mikolaj Wyszynski aka @mikolajone
ariusz aka Mariusz
Mariusz aka Mariusz ‘UTZiiie’ Mierzwa aka @Moushiiie
trash bins decorated at coachella
Nicole (Flower) Wilson aka @Flowerhitsthebigtime
Olivar Leachim
Olivar Leachim (photo by @kabulykos)
Olive47 aka @olive47
Andru Leftfoot
Andru Leftfoot aka @oogum.vision
artist painted trash cans
Parker aka @jp4rker
artist painted trash cans
Parker’s bin at Coachella
artist painted trash cans
Pedro Gutiérrez aka Pedro (photo by @barbie5x5)
artist painted trash cans
Rébecca Moreau
Rébecca Moreau

Rogelio Montenegro aka @rogermonteblack – the only bin I can find is this sketch of his for submission:
Rogelio Montenegro

Samir Evol
Skyler Johnson
Skyler Johnson
Spencer Mann
Spencer Mann aka @spencermann

Tobias “Toby” Johnson (no bin found)

Von Dickens Ulsa
Von Dickens Ulsa aka @ofvon
wayne johnson
wayne johnson aka @swishersplitter
wayne johnson
wayne johnson aka @swishersplitter
Aaron Woes Martin
Aaron Woes Martin aka Woes
Aaron Woes Martin
Aaron Woes Martin aka Woes

After Coachella, the TRASHed Coachella bins will be donated to schools and museums across California. If you’re an artist, make sure your designs are public appropriate! If you’re looking to secure TRASHed recycling bins for your school or museum, please email [email protected].

See Global Inheritance’s gallery of all the bins from 2016 here

Global Inheritance