Transsexual / Transvestite Beauty Pageant Crowns The New Miss Tiffany Universe

above: Transsexual beauty pageant winner Sorrawee Nattee, aged 20, is crowned Miss Tiffany Universe contest in Pattaya, Thailand.

The Miss Tiffany Universe contest has been running for 12 years, with all contestants transsexuals or transvestites, aiming to promote human rights for the transgender population in Thailand. In Thailand transsexuals are considered a third gender given the Thai name “Katoey”.

On the night of 15 May 2009, at the Tiffany Theater, Pattaya, the Tiffany Company accompanied by the Pattaya Office of the TAT and Chonburi Provincial Administration held the final competition of the Miss Tiffany Universe 2009 Contest with the 30 most beautiful women-of-the-second-category contestants. This year almost all the winners were students.

Miss Tiffany’s Universe contest regularly provides variety and spectacle in an otherwise relatively dull period between tourist seasons. This year, in particular, is a very tough year for Pattaya and Thailand due to the political crisis, but the Miss Tiffany Universe’s management did their utmost to present a bold face to the world. Their annual contest numbers high among the large number of enjoyable activities Pattaya has to offer its visitors and the locals.

above:Wirittorn Narapatarapimol (Belle) is interviewed by a television network during the Miss Tiffany Universe competition on May 15, 2009 in Pattaya, Thailand.

The committee of Miss Tiffany 2009, like every year, had great difficulty in selecting the most beautiful contestant, judged according to her quality and beauty.

above: The Winner, Sarawee Nattee (Nong Jazz), celebrates her win

However, this year, the title, Miss Tiffany Universe 2009, went to No. 26, Nong Jazz, Sarawee Nattee, [20] ,a student from Ratchapat Suan Sunauta University. Nong Jazz was crowned with 100,000 baht prize, a Honda Jazz, a sash, a trophy and she also received a 20,000 baht prize for winning the Most Beautiful Costume category.

The first runner up was Wirithorn Norapatpimol or “Nong Bell”, [20] a student from the North Chiang Mai University. She won 80,000 baht, a sash and a trophy.

above: Wirittorn Narapatarapimol (Nong Belle), aged 20 cries during the final stages of the Miss Tiffany Universe contest in which she finished runner-up on May 15, 2009 in Pattaya, Thailand.

above: Wirittorn Narapatarapimol (Belle) , the runner-up, tries on an evening gown in a private dressing room with her two trainers.

above: Sorrawee Nattee (Nong Jazz) also won the title of Miss Unlimited Sexy Star, sponsored by Central Festival Pattaya Beach, and received 10,000 baht for having the best looking swimming suit.

Above: Wirittorn Narapatarapimol (Belle) , the Miss Tiffany Universe runner-up winner, tries on a wig in a private dressing room before the pageant.

The second runner up was Napusawan Chonakorn or “Nong Nut”, [21] who got 50,000 baht, a sash and a trophy and 20,000 baht for winning the Most Beautiful Complexion title – beautiful skin – as well.

above: Sorrawee Nattee(C) embraces the other contestants, Wirittorn Narapatarapimol (Belle) (L) won the runner-up position in the contest and Napatsawoan Cholakorn (R) took third place after winning the Miss Tiffany Universe contest

The mass media popular vote went to no. 16, Lerluk Lertworapong or “Nong Nat”[18] a student from Thaimitr Wittayalai, . She got 10,000 baht. Miss Cordiality went to Preerada Maneeket or “Nong Aui”, [25].

above: A contestant shows off a bikini during a bathing suit competition in the Miss Tiffany Universe contest on May 15, 2009 in Pattaya, Thailand.

source: Pattaya Daily News

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