Grow House Grow! Narrative Hand Silk Screened Wallpapers

Grow House Grow narrative wallpapers

Grow House Grow specializes in narrative-inspired wallpaper design. Each charming design is available in three colorways (variations) and their style and appeal works in all types of rooms from dining and children’s rooms to adult bedrooms and living areas.

Grow House Grow Wallpapers

The Grow House Grow Wallpapers collection (with the descriptions from the site) is shown below. Each style is first shown in situ, then a detail, followed by the available colors.

Cattle Kate:
the hardworking and wrongly accused homesteader, is decorated with nooses and lassos.

Aleister Crowley:
the infamous occultist, gets a sumptuous, seance-invoking damask.

Captain Smith:
the first and final captain of the RMS Titanic, has a fluid, jungenstil-inspired style straight from the Atlantic.

who believed in a world so deeply that everything around him came to life.

with curly hair and sharp wit, is pure mischief with a side of tea biscuits.

where a cotton sprig is transformed into the playful garden “where bunnies come from.” The neighboring alfalfa farm never saw it coming.

All their wallpapers are hand silk screened with care on vinyl-coated paper. The rolls come untrimmed and unpasted (they suggest professional application). All of their papers are wipable and strippable.

Roll: 27 inches wide x 5 yards long, Sheet: 27 inches wide x 36 inches long

Grow House Grow is based in Brooklyn, NY, and is cared for by illustrator and designer Katie Deedy.

Katie Deedy Robison
c/o grow house grow!
442-D Lorimer St. #127
Brooklyn, NY 11206