Black Light Billiard Tables by Toulet. Tons of Colors and Many Cool Options.

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Making pool cool(er).
Manufacturing Billiard and Game tables since 1857,  with their most newest design, the Toulet Black Light Billiard tables, the company has created a piece of furniture that is both a modern version of the traditional game and much more.

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designer billiard tables

modern billiard tables

The revolutionary table took six months to design. Pierre-Marie Cronier, Marc-Antoine Aubert, Jean-Baptiste Deconinck, François Vercoutère et Thomas Bailly (5 budding designers) worked hard on the choice of materials, the harmony of shapes and the quality of this atypical billiard table.

toulet billiard tables

The billiard table is made of non-deformable steel with an iron body frame. 22mm one-piece ground slate ensures perfect flatness with a lifetime warranty. Simonis cloth and Kléber Michelin competition cushions. 65mm jacks for an incomparable adjustment. Soundproof ball return. American opened pockets with leather finishing.

The billiard table color is available in a lacquered or matte finish. Luxury gold, chrome, brushed stainless steel, copper, pearly white or leather finishing is also available. The billiard tabletop’s finishing is a cloth top is available in more than 27 colors. Numerous options make for many possible variations; two colours, internal lighting with diodes, Atao internal high definition audio with MP3 connection, Swarovski crystals inlay, cloth customization, billiard table customization and more.

With available accessories like poker and dining tabletops, a matching pendant light, cue sticks, cue stick holders, diodes and LED lighting, an integrated sound system and customizable options and finishes, it can become an integral part of any living space.

Suspended Light
The optional matching overhead light:

Colors, Finishes and Accessories
Here’s a look at many of the versions, colors, finishes, accessories and more.
Some of the possible color combinations:


The Black Light Luxe
The Luxury Edition with a gold lustre finish edition:

luxury billiard tables

LED lighting:

Disco lighting:

With available dining top:

Poker tabletop:
poker top for billiard table

Branding and Customization
Custom versions can be branded with logo and/or art designs. The Black Light Billiard tables make a wonderful and engaging centerpiece for any office or company.

Other Accessories
Cue sticks and triangles:

Cue stick holders:

And a custom table cover:

Toulet Black Light Billiard Tables