Zombies, Motorcycles and Poker: Zombie Riders Playing Cards By Gavin Rooney.

zombie riders playing cards

Perfect for this time of year, with Halloween around the corner and all, are Gavin Rooney’s Illustrated Zombie Riders Playing Cards. Read more

Environmentally Friendly Foosball With Flair. The 2Eleven Natural Is A Luxury Wooden Version of The Beautiful Game.

2Eleven Natural

The ‘2eleven natural‘ brings the table soccer (or foosball as it’s more commonly called in the U.S.) experience out of bars into the world of design hotels, luxury lofts and VIP lounges of modern soccer stadiums. Made in Germany and environmentally-friendly, the game table is crafted of maple and walnut woods and accented with fine leather and aluminum and can be outfitted with digital or analog monitor screens. Read more

Uber Stylish Backgammon Set by Arik Ben Simhon and Ben Frankforter.

stylish backgammon sets

This lovely, easy-to-carry, portable backgammon set crafted of oak with wooden playing pieces comes in a modern self-contained case of either wood or a flocked finish. Read more

3D Printed Typographical Chess Set Available In 13 Different Colors.

3D Printed Typographical Chess Set

Designed by One Save Solutions on a 3D printer through Shapeways, this chess set re-imagines the bodies of the traditional chess pieces to incorporate each piece’s name as the focal point of their design. It should be noted that each color/material must be ordered separately. This does, however allow for mixing and matching. Read more

Typographic Chess Set by Hat Trick Design Is Letter Perfect.

Typographic Chess Set

The ultimate gift for the font-loving chess player, Hat-trick design’s Jim Sutherland has created a typographic chess set based on the character forms from the Hoefler & Frere-Jones typeface Champion Gothic. Read more

Black Light Billiard Tables by Toulet. Tons of Colors and Many Cool Options.

Toulet black light billiard tables IIHIH

Making pool cool(er).
Manufacturing Billiard and Game tables since 1857,  with their most newest design, the Toulet Black Light Billiard tables, the company has created a piece of furniture that is both a modern version of the traditional game and much more. Read more

Custom Light Up Beer Pong Tables Add A Little Taste To The Game.

Light Up Beer Pong Tables

Custom designed and built Beer Pong Tables turn a college drinking game into… well, a college drinking game with a good looking playing field. Read more