The Tokin’ Jew Shofar Pipe for Higher Holidays

tokin' jew shofar pipe

Okay so Rosh Hashanah has passed, but it’ll be back next year and technically, there’s still Yom Kippur coming up, so this is still timely.

Traditionally the blowing of the Shofar is a ritual performed by Jews on Rosh Hashanah (which we just celebrated this past week). The shofar is a musical horn, typically made of a ram’s horn and according to Jewish law, it to be blown 30 times on each day of Rosh Hashanah. Now there’s the Tokin’ Jew Shofar Pipe, a cannabis-friendly take on the annual jewish tradition, perfect for the High Holidays.

Tokin’ Jew Shofar Pipe

The Shofar pipe is a functional parody of the real thing. But when I say functional, it’s in a slightly different way. You don’t blow into this shofar, you do quite the opposite.

shofar pipe IIHIH

Dave Krumholtz with the shofar pipe in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle IIHIH
Dave Krumholtz’s shofar pipe in 2004’s Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle was the inspiration

While not made of ram’s horn, it twists like one.

shofar pipe

The Shofar pipe has an inset bowl to pack with bitter herbs (sorry, a little jewish holiday humor for my MOTs) or whichever herbs you prefer.

cannabis pipe shofar
Price: $40. USD

Buy the Shofar Pipe here

The Tokin’ Jew’s website sells other funny cannabis-related Judaica, so check it out.

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