Why It’s Important to Remember The Holocaust in 2021

holocaust remembrance day 2021

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day.
I can never do this solemn day justice. Especially this year. Read more

Jewish Nurse Who Treated Anti-Semitic Spree Killer Shares His Thoughts.

The Jewish RN who saved the life of anti-Semitic spree killer Robert Bowers shares his thoughts. And everyone should read them. Read more

How Today’s Jewish Holiday of Self-Inquiry Applies To Everyone.

Jacob Kramer, Day of Atonement, 1919, Oil on canvas, 99 x 121.9 cm, Leeds Museums and Galleries © The Estate of John David Roberts.

First, let make two things clear: 1) I realize this post has nothing to do with design and 2) I’m not even sure I believe in organized religion. Having made both those two items clear, I believe that anyone with a moral conscience can benefit from reading the following. Read more

A Modern Haggadah Will Hip Up Your Passover Seder. Here’s 21 Of Them.

So WTF is Passover? For you non MOTs, you can learn here. Read more