Toiletpaper Street Murals and Products from Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, some of the murals and products from this site-specific installation may look familiar to you. As big fans of  Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s Toiletpaper, we’ve featured their collaboration with Lavazza and their ad campaign for OK Cupid as well as highlighting tons of their collaborative products with Seletti in our Amazon shop, many of which use this same imagery.

Toiletpaper Street Murals and Products

toiletpaper street murals
The murals at 4 via Balzaretti in Milan, photo: Andrea Breda

toiletpaper products
Toiletpaper products in Milan, photo: Andrea Breda

At this year’s Milan Design Week, one of the most famous Italian artists in the world, Maurizio Cattelan (of the notorious duct-taped banana and giant FU hand), along with photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari transformed the facades of historic houses at number 4 in via Balzaretti with 500 square meters of wild murals turning it into “Toiletpaper Street”.

Toiletpaper's Headquarters
Toiletpaper’s Headquarters had already been painted with the iconic lipsticks. photo: Andrea Breda.
Toiletpaper magazine

Adding to the first and now famous “house with lipsticks” which houses the Toiletpaper headquarters, it’s intended to be a permanent piece of public art. The murals represent many of the brand’s iconic images from their magazine, products and previous collaborations.

Toiletpaper Headquarters lipstick mural, detail
Toiletpaper Headquarters lipstick mural, detail, photo: Andrea Breda
toiletpaper murals in italy
The murals on Toiletpaper Street, detail. photo: Andrea Breda
toiletpaper 2022
Travel cases are amongst their new products introduced for this year. photo: Andrea Breda
toiletpaper mural milan
Toiletpaper mural, photo: Andrea Breda
Eyes and Roses wallpaper available from Toiletpaper
Eyes and Roses wallpaper available from Toiletpaper
Toiletpaper mural, photo: Andrea Breda
toiletpaper mirrors
The brand introduced new tear-drop shaped mirrors at the event, photos: Andrea Breda

The Lipsticks, Flowers with eyes and other graphics like Trumpets, French Fries, Snakes, Polka Dots, Mouths are from the magazine and appeared in the Seletti Wears Toiletpaper Collection. These and more are highlighted on both the building exteriors as well as the interior installation showcasing their decor, furniture and design.

photo: Andrea Breda
photo: Andrea Breda
toilet paper street dreamed red bull organics
photo: Red Bull Organics
photo: Andrea Breda
maurizio cattalan toiletpaper
photo: Andrea Breda

The project “Toiletpaper Street dreamed with Organics by Red Bull“- was created in collaboration with the architecture studio All Out Lab and the decorators Maura Boldi, Alessandra Didone, Federica Ghio, Angelo and Alberto Pennocchio.

special thanks to Italy’s LIVING and photographer Andrea Breda for their images