The Mid-Century Modern Solar-Powered Stahl Birdhouse 3.0

solar powered stahl style birdhouse

Five years ago we introduced to you this Mid-century modern inspired birdhouse, bath and feeder we found on etsy. Modeled after the famous Stahl House (Case Study House #22) by architect Pierre Koenig, the little mid-century modern model for our feathered friends caught our eye immediately. Now the original Solar-powered Stahl Birdhouse has since been refined and not only is it better designed, it’s less expensive than the first.

Stahl Birdhouse Feeder and Bath 3.0

The Solar-powered Stahl Birdhouse 3.0 was designed and hand built designer Paul Coffaro of the Mid Century Wood Shop.

stahl birdhouse with birdfeedsolar powered stahl birdhouse 3.0

More like a Spa Resort for Birds than a simple bird house, this third generation of the original also has a solar-powered bird bath to keep it from freezing and an improved design with a larger nesting box, easier access to the feed and a solar panel that works at night so you can bring it indoors once fully charged.

Made from solid mahogany that’s been painted and dadoed along the main house. The roof is at a 12% pitch with support beams that emulates the roof on the Stahl house.

stahl birdhouse

In Paul’s own words “I fell in love with this house when I saw it in the film Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman. It sums up the mid century residential landscape of the hollywood hills in the fifties and sixties for me.

stahl birdhouses in the workshop

It does for us, too Paul.

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