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Comedian Tim Northern Turns The Tables on BBQ Becky

comedian tim northern BBQ Becky

There was a lot of funny floating around the interwebs this past week that we shared on our social media sites, but not on the blog (one of the many reasons to follow us on Facebook or Twitter). That said, this Nashville comedian’s response to one of the most viral stories to occur this year was worth a blog post.

If you know your memes, you’re already familiar with Jennifer Schulte, aka BBQ Becky. If not, here’s the backstory.

BBQ Becky at Lake Merritt phoning the police
BBQ Becky at Lake Merritt phoning the police

The Story: On April 29th, 2018, on the east side of Oakland’s Lake Merritt Park, a white woman approached two black men, Deacon and friend Kenzie Smith, and began harassing them about barbequing at the park. No one appeared bothered by the BBQ but the woman, later identified as Jennifer Schulte, took it upon herself to stay at the scene for two hours pretending to be on the phone with the police to intimidate them into leaving.

Smith told the Panther Times, “She was saying things like, ‘We weren’t welcome in the area of the lake.’ She told me and Deacon that she owned Lake Merritt. Also, she said we were not welcomed to be there. I felt like she was saying Blacks weren’t welcome.”

Kenzie’s wife, Michelle Dione, aggressively confronted the woman and videotaped the incident:

The racially charged incident quickly went viral. And spawned several hilarious memes (BBQ Becky showing up every where anyone black appeared). But it was Nashville comedian Tim Northern took it a step further and actually turned the tables on the woman by posting himself on his Twitter and Facebook accounts harassing white people doing “White people things.” And they are hilarious!

Tim Northern Burns BBQ Becky

comedian tim northern
Comedian Tim Northern

Nashville comedian Tim Northern turned the popular “BBQ Becky” incident on it’s head by posting these 30 memes on social media:

Tim Northern BBQ Becky memes

Ironically Tim Northern is featured in a 2012 trailer for a never produced documentary about him entitled “Why Am I Not Famous?”
Well Tim, you are now.

*Lake Merritt is a public park, which does not require a permit. It is first to come, first serve, as long as people are not doing anything illegal.

Don’t your memes? Learn about Jennifer Schulte, aka BBQ Becky here