Three Nice New TV Ads – For Cuervo, Cars and Carbs – Worth Noting.

Nice Ads for Cuervo Cars and Carbs

It’s been refreshing to come across this slew of nice tv spots in the past week. Given that 95% of commercials on the air are easily dismissed as forgettable, I thought I’d share this trio of well-produced, entertaining and engaging commercials for such common product categories as liquor, cars and food.

Advertising largely parody products that lack a distinguishing characteristic – booze, pizza and the vague history of a car manufacturer – it’s not easy to do memorable advertising, yet these three have succeeded. All have a social media component as well.

Jose Cuervo Tequila “Have A Story”
keifer sutherland cuervo ad

Keifer Sutherland has never been sexier as he encourages us to have a Cuervo and a story, but no regrets (albeit I know a lot of tequila stories that include regrets), in this new 60 second spot for Jose Cuervo Tequila by McCann Erickson New York:

The campaign includes TV, online and print advertising, and a social media effort inviting consumers to share their stories at #cuervostory.

Honda Branding Spot “Hands”
honda branding commercial

Honda creates a worthy successor to their famous Cog Spot with “Hands” by Wieden + Kennedy, London. The 60 spot celebrates the curiosity of Honda engineers, which has led to some of the most successful Honda innovations over the past 65 years:

Discover the engineers notes, facts, insights and tales behind Honda’s history in this embellished version shown here.

Dominos Pizza “Powered by Pizza”

And lastly Domino’s newest spot and campaign by CP+B, Powered by Pizza, is a refreshing look at the common consumption of the convenient carb-laden pie by those burning the midnight-oil while celebrating innnovation:

Connecting with project and business owners who utilize Indiegogo, they will offer gift cards directly to individuals within the fundraising site who pledge support toward select projects reflecting great and innovative ideas.

In addition, the “Pizzavestors” program, where about 30 startup companies all throughout the U.S. were treated to a $500 Domino’s Pizza gift card, will be an added part of the campaign – all in the spirit of fueling great ideas and encouraging organizations to keep up the good work. Share what you do when you’re #poweredbypizza on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled mediocre advertising.