HBO GO Mobile App Ads Hit Home. And The Reason To Watch Away From It.

HBO GO Mobile App Ads

Here’s a new slew of new ads to promote HBO’s HBO GO, their mobile app that allows you to view their shows anywhere. Read more

Three Nice New TV Ads – For Cuervo, Cars and Carbs – Worth Noting.

3 nice tv spots IIHIH hero

It’s been refreshing to come across this slew of nice tv spots in the past week. Given that 95% of commercials on the air are easily dismissed as forgettable, I thought I’d share this trio of well-produced, entertaining and engaging commercials for such common product categories as liquor, cars and food. Read more

An Ad To Which We Can Relate. Tempur-Pedic’s You Are How You Sleep (The :60 and the :30).

The best and most powerful ads tap into a reality to which people can relate. Minneapolis based ad agency Carmichael Lynch’s debut creative for the Tempur-Pedic brand, “You Are How You Sleep” commercial, does just that.

A lousy mattress leading to a poor night’s sleep may not be a genius insight, but it doesn’t have to be when executed this well. Those who require solid slumber to be their best will certainly notice themselves in the big grumpy Mama bear when deprived of shut-eye.

The likeable and memorable television commercial has been cut as a :60 and a :30 (both are shown further down in this post).

Great casting of and performances by the twin actresses along with adept direction and excellent editing make the spot both poignant and funny simultaneously. Full credits are at the end of the post.

The 60 second cut:

The 30 second cut:

Full Credits
Agency: Carmichael Lynch
CCO: Dave Damman
Client: Tempur-Pedic
ECD: Marty Senn
Art Director: Brad Harrison
Art Director: Doug Pedersen
Director of Integrated Production: Joe Grundhoefer
Producer: Jon Mielke
Prod. Co.: The Directors Bureau
Director: Mike Mills
DOP: Kasper Tuxen
EP: Lisa Margulis
Line Producer: Youree Henley
Editing: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Grant Surmi
Producer: Joanna Hall
Producer: Marguerite Olivelle
Composer: Roger Neill
Sound Design: BWN Music and Sound
Sound Design: Carl White

Sports Imitating Art imitating Life. Cut Through L.A. Is An Art Installation As A Commercial For Nike.

I know this 2 minute film first ran about 6 months ago, but I can’t watch it enough. It’s more of an art installation than a TV commercial and I just love it, am just fascinated by it and wish I’d been there the day it was shot. If you don’t watch sports, you may not have seen it and if you have seen it, watch it again. (A ‘Making Of’ video is shown at the end of the post).

Filmed in Venice Beach, CA. by director Andreas Nilsson, who has a background is set design, what unfolds is a unique traction story of how CP3 cuts through L.A. in an effort to launch the new Nike CP3.VI shoes from ad agency Weiden + Kennedy.

above: Director Andreas Nilsson on set

The staged installation features a human chain of athletes dressed to look like Paul, each representing a freeze-framed position along the trajectory of one of his notorious journeys down the court. The live installation and shoot took place on the basketball courts of Venice beach on Saturday, September 29th, 2012.

The incredible production featured over 40 performers and a bevy of props ranging from an overturned fruit cart to a flipped bicycle hanging in mid-air to showcase the nimble moves of NBA superstar Chris Paul.

Actors were carefully positioned throughout the installation, several seemingly hanging in mid-air though raised on plexiglass footholds, to demonstrate Chris Paul’s dynamic moves on the court. While mimicking Paul’s moves, the performers gracefully crash through boxes, intercept a woman and the dog she’s walking on a leash, cross through a cartoonist mid-caricature and upturn a fruit cart hanging throughout the performance space as if frozen in a series of ‘bullet time’ moments. The entire installation was captured on camera, directed by Nilsson to be edited as a short film showcasing all aspects of the production.

This video, shot in LA by production company Biscuit Dreamworks, is incredible, especially considering that the director did it all in one take.

The making of/behind the scenes video:

Full Credits
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Client: Jordan CP3.VI
Director: Andreas Nilsson
Prod. Co.: Biscuit Filmworks
Creative Director: Andy Ferguson
Creative Director: Brandon Mugar
Copywriter: Alexander Barrett
Art Director: Jed Heuer
Business Affairs Director: Sara Jagielski
Business Affairs Manager: Angel Cielo
EP: Dan Blaney
Brand Strategist: Ben Alter
ECD: Ian Reichenthal
ECD: Scott Vitrone
Head of Content Production: Lora Schulson
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Andreas Nilsson
EP: Colleen O’Donnell
Line Producer: Pete Vitale
Director of Photography: Crille Forsberg
Production Designer: Brock Houghton
Wardrobe Stylist: Shirley Kurata
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Production Company: Show Cobra
EP: Kate Susman
Editorial Company: Show Cobra
Editor: Dom Whitworth
Post Producer: Charlie Clark
Post Executive Producer: Kate Susman
Music and Sound Artist: Mike Snow
Producer: Pontus Winnberg

‘Gina Ads Are All The Rage Or How Coochies Sell Cosmetics (NSFW)

using women's vaginas to sell men's fragrance

Scent of a Woman for men: Now available in a bottle. Last week, Tom Ford debuted a new ad campaign which featured his newest Men’s Fragrance directly between the legs of a naked, and nicely waxed, woman. Another fragrance from Germany, Vulva, is being sold with similar imagery.

Coochies Sell Cosmetics

Please be aware that the following post is NSFW and sexually suggestive. Therefore it should not be viewed by those under the age of 18.

Tom Ford print ad for new fragrance

The campaign has been controversial for obvious reasons and as you can see below, what has run in the US publications is a tamer, less titillating version of the actual photographs.

Below are the original photographs for Tom Ford’s campaign shot by Terry Richardson. These are the uncropped photos and are not marred with giant logos. The ads ran cropped and with the logos, of course, as you will see below.

Sexually suggestive Tom Ford Ads

And below are the actual produced ads as they appear in fashion publications:

I fear he has started a trend. Meet Vulva.

Now, a German company Vivaeros has a product called Vulva.
And although the site, shots, and ads seem like a ‘spoof’ on the Tom Ford work, the company insists the product is for real. They describe it as a “beguiling vaginal scent” and is selling it both as a fragrance for men to wear seemingly to bring them pleasure in the absence of the real thing and for women to wear during intercourse to stimulate their own pleasure.

TV Commercial:

in German:

Tagline in their tv spot? Smell me and Cum. Hence the url:

Below is a clip from Jonathan Ross of the BBC as he talks about “Vulva” on his television show.

You can purchase Vulva here

If you’re going to the site, it’s full of nudity, so please view at your own discretion and only if you are 18+ years of age.

About Tom Ford’s Controversial new ad campaign from WWD:
Though the designer took a more demure approach in his original ad campaign for his new fragrance, he’s decided to shock the masses once again, switching images shot by Marilyn Minter in April for racier photographs of a dewy woman’s body taken by Terry Richardson.

The photos range from tame to titillating — the most shocking being the Tom Ford for Men bottle wedged between a woman’s glistening thighs, with the bottle barely covering her bare genitalia. “We loved the original Marilyn Minter images, but while on a shoot with [Richardson] in Milan, we decided that a sharper, more graphic approach clearly communicated the bold and provocative mood of the fragrance,” said a spokeswoman for Tom Ford Beauty, a division of the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc.

Want some Hi-res vaginas on your desktop?
You can download the Tom Ford ads as wallpaper for those of you who want to see a large brazilian wax staring back at you from your computer. Click here for the downloads of Tom Ford wallpaper here.

Or the Vulva Wallpaper downloads here.