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The Stunning And Surreal Photography Of Martin Sigal

Martin Sigal is a photographer specializing in advertising photography for the last fifteen years. Whether shooting people, cars, products, or landscapes, he balances a refined accuracy with a human touch, always bringing a fresh approach to projects and avoiding the predictable.

Here’s just a sampling of his enormous body of work. The following were used as images in various ad campaigns for many of his prestigious clients.

Martin has received several awards in the most prestigious festivals around the world such as Cannes, Clio, D&D, NYF, Lapiz, Fiap & Circulo de Creativos, among others. He was portrayed in the Photography Annual of Comarts magazine. In 2004, 2006 & 2008 he was portrayed several of his pictures in the 200 Best Photographers Worldwide issue of the renowned Luerzer’s Archive magazine On a more personal level, Sigal’s creative innovation combined a friendly, even-tempered demeanor when working with subjects make him a professional who approaches each picture with an open disposition, while his work reflects his life story – a dedication to artistry with a global outlook “ I am grateful to photography because it was allowed me to explore a world that blends fiction and reality, and portraying that duality provides a constant and fascinating challenge.” Sigal lives in Buenos Aires with his wife and two kids.

Martin Sigal photo
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Martín Sigal is represented by the following agencies

In Argentina, Latin America and Spain:
Catamarca 2165
(1640) San Isidro,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
+ (54911) 69450045

In the United States:

Stockland Martel
343 East 18th Street, Lower
New York, NY 10003, USA
212 727 1400
[email protected]

In Germany:

Christian Severin & Christian Wendeler GbR.
Gasstrasse 4
22761 Hamburg, Germany
+ (4940) 800 80 99 99
[email protected]