Her Men, Her Movies, Her Diamonds, Her Portraits. The Legacy Of Elizabeth Taylor. 32 Stunning Photos.

the legacy of elizabeth taylor
Elizabeth Taylor, 1932-2011

She loved men. And diamonds. And we loved her. This morning’s death of legend Dame Elizabeth Taylor is being felt around the world. The world’s most glamorous actress of all time passed away at age 79 of congestive heart failure in Los Angeles early this morning, prompting bloggers and newspeople to begin publishing the many incredible images of the violet-eyed beauty and details of her illustrious career.

The Legacy of Elizabeth Taylor

Over the past three decades much has been published about her many marriages, her incredible personal collections of some of the most magnificent diamond jewelry, her substance abuse problems, her avid activism on the behalf of AIDS sufferers [she helped start the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) and established her own AIDS Foundation] and her bizarre friendship with Michael Jackson.

In addition to the aforementioned, she was a savvy businesswoman, creating a collection of fine jewelry (House of Taylor) and several best selling perfumes. But let us not forget, she also was a fine actress.

She’s also been immortalized by some of the most well-known and talented photographers and artists of all time. Here are a few of my favorite images of Liz.


By Richard Avedon (1964):
By Richard Avedon

By Franceso Scavullo (1964):
By Franceso Scavullo

By Andy Warhol (1964):
liz by andy warhol

By Philippe Halsmann (1948):
ET By Philippe Halsman

by Frank Worth (1955):
frank worth photo

By Norman Parkinson (mid 1950s):
elizabeth taylor portrait norman parkinson

By Angus McBean (1966):

By Burt Glinn (1959):

By Douglas Kirkland (1961):
liz by douglas kirkland

By William Klein, 1965 cover of Paris Vogue:
william klein

By Cecil Beaton (1971):

By Helmut Newton (1986):
photo by helmut newton

More of my favorite images of Liz, only I do not know the photographers:
great photos of elizabeth taylor

A few basic stats:
Date of Birth: 27 February 1932, Hampstead, London, England, UK
Date of Death: 23 March 2011, Los Angeles, California, USA
Birth Name: Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
Nicknames: Liz, Kitten
Height: 5′ 2″ (1.57 m)


Taylor was married eight times to seven husbands. Here are photos of each of her weddings:

* Conrad “Nicky” Hilton (May 6, 1950 – January 29, 1951) (divorced):
liz taylor wedding to conrad hilton

* Michael Wilding (February 21, 1952 – January 26, 1957) (divorced):
liz taylor marries Michael Wilding

* Michael Todd (February 2, 1957 – March 22, 1958) (widowed):
liz taylor marries michael todd

* Eddie Fisher (May 12, 1959 – March 6, 1964) (divorced):
liz taylor marries eddie fisher

* Richard Burton (March 15, 1964 – June 26, 1974) (divorced):
liz taylor marries richard burton

* Richard Burton (October 10, 1975 – July 29, 1976) (divorced):
richard burton liz taylor second wedding

* John Warner (December 4, 1976 – November 7, 1982) (divorced):
Liz taylor marries senator john earner

* Larry Fortensky (October 6, 1991 – October 31, 1996) (divorced):
liz Taylor marries larry fortensky


Liz was bought some of the world’s finest and most expensive jewels from husbands Richard Burton, Michael Todd and Eddie Fisher. Her love affair with gems is well known and her perfumes were named after them as well.

Most famous of her extensive collection are the 33.19 carat Asscher-cut Krupp Diamond, a ring which she wore for many decades:
Liz taylor 33.19 carat Asscher-cut Krupp Diamond ring

liz with her ascher cut diamond ring

And the 69.42 carat Taylor-Burton Diamond, which she wore as a pendant on a necklace as well as a ring:
liz wearing the 69.42 carat Taylor-Burton Diamond as a pendant

Elizabeth Taylor's 69.42 carat Taylor-Burton Diamond pendant on diamond necklace
above: The Taylor-Burton diamond necklace consisting of 67 pear-shaped diamonds with the central diamond of 69.42 carats. The necklace was made for Cartier in 1969. Image Courtesy of Oscar Heyman, Inc., New York.

She also wore the enormous pear-shaped Taylor Burton Diamond as a ring:
liz wearing the 69.42 carat Taylor-Burton Diamond as ring

She has a very extensive collection of diamond tiaras and many emeralds, rubies and more. Many of which can be found in her book, Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry

above: the cover of her book, My Love Affair With Jewelry


Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Giant in 1955
above: Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Giant in 1955

If you’re going to memorialize her by renting a few of her movies this weekend, I highly recommend the following, which really were her most memorable performances:

• Suddenly, Last Summer
• Butterfield 8
• Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
• The Sandpiper
• Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
• The Taming of the Shrew

Not as great but worth renting for the novelty are:
• Giant
* The Last Time I Saw Paris
* Cleopatra
* Raintree County
* A Place In The Sun

For the kids, you may want to consider:
• National Velvet
• Lassie Come Home
• Father Of The Bride

See her complete filmography here.

• Books on Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV

The world will not be the same without you. Rest in peace, Liz.
images courtesy of Magnum photos, Artnet, LIFE magazine and Getty images