The Most Beautiful Nail Art (Or Manicure Masterpieces).

CDN nail art
Technoid Subculture nail art

Now, THIS is finger painting. CND (Creative Nail Design) is a company known better to professionals that the average consumer. The first to create a nail polish resistant to yellowing, the company has continued to innovate with science and beauty. The amazing nail polish art shown below was created with their products.

Afro Love nails:
Afro Love nails

Bridal nails:
Bridal nails

Downtown Doll nails:

Flirt nails:
nail art

Punk Rock nails:

Global Chic nails:

Holiday Nails:

Pretty phenomenal, right? But what’s even cooler is that on their site, they describe exactly which polishes you need to create each of the above designs of nail art and the steps as to how to apply them.

If the above nail art seems to daunting for you to try, CND still makes it easy to have uniquely beautiful nails by simply combining their color polishes with their effect polishes.

First you can choose from their cremes, primaries or chrome polishes:

After polishing your nails with the first color, you can add a number of effects (shimmer, pearl or sparkle) by using their ‘effects’ polishes:

and voila, many fab looks can be achieved, such as these below:

About CND
CND (Creative Nail Design) got it’s start when Dr. Stuart Nordstrom, a practicing dentist, got the idea for a new nail enhancement product: A patient remarked that the material used to prepare temporary caps smelled like the material used to sculpt porcelain nails.

The result was SolarNail™ Liquid, the industry’s first-ever monomer formulation for greater nail strength and flexibility — and the first product to deliver natural, non-yellowing nail color..

Building on a foundation of hard work and smart chemistry, the fledgling company pursued and achieved one innovation after another—an uninterrupted succession of advances that continues, virtually unabated, to this day. With every new breakthrough came growth. Throughout the 1980s alone, the company doubled its revenues every year.


The latest news from CDN (even covered here in the NY Times) is the upcoming release of their long-wearing ‘shellac’ polish. A special nail polish that is said to last weeks without chipping.

The SHELLAC polishes are dried by a UV light and when removal is desired, each nail has to be soaked for 10 minutes in the special removal gel wraps, shown below.

Visit their site to learn more and to find distributors.


Special thanks to CND and NY Times for the images and info.