The Dead Chihuahua Handbag from James Piatt

dead chihuahua handbag

The Dead Chihuahua Handbag was designed as an homage to Paris Hilton’s late beloved pet dog, Tinkerbell.  Designed by James Piatt, these leather handbags are also twist on the “carrying a little dog in your handbag” trend. This time, the little dog IS the handbag.

Dead Chihuahua Handbag

2015 handbag tinkerbell white

tinkerbell handbag white, back side

Replacing a real dog as a fashion accessory, The Tinkerbell handbag is available in either ghost white or copper metallic leather (it was once available in black, but no longer seems to be). Expertly hand-crafted, the handbags even have little dog collars with Tinkerbell punched out of the leather, magnetic snap closures and clear acrylic handles.



“It is just fun to make the things large companies are afraid to and that most people don’t want to buy. I hope you enjoy experiencing my work as much as I enjoyed making it.”- James Piatt

dog-shaped leather handbag

tinkerbell copper james piatt

The way I discovered this humorous (and what several will perceive as distasteful) handbag by James is that I featured his most well-known design, The Peacekeeper, on my “Brass Knuckle Stuff” Pinterest board.

tinkerbellwhite handbag white, nameplate detail

tinkerbell handbag in copper, detail

James’ controversial handbag designs are have been exhibited at the Tassenmuseum Hendrikje in Amsterdam (shown below), a beautiful museum whose focus is purse and bag design throughout history.

in the exhibit

About The Designer:
2015-james piatt

James studied Environmental design at the Art Center College of Design (my own alma mater) because it encompassed architecture, interiors, furniture, graphics and objects and explored how people interact with spaces. Over the past fifteen years he provided design leadership in a wide range of categories including Apple accessories, bathroom collections, furniture, architecture, interior design and fashion accessories. His work creating user-centered experiences grows from an innovative design process. He’s participated in conducting extensive research to help identify habits, and to test new ideas. While working in product development and architecture, James also gained a detailed understanding of various manufacturing and construction processes from marble fabrication, ceramics, metal casting and fabrication to injection molding and cut and sew.

The Tinkerbell handbag measures 18″ wide and 11″ tall and 3″ deep, including the acrylic handle.

dead chihuahua handbag in black

The handbag is no longer available for purchase but is in the designer’s archives. As a testament to its impact, the handbag has found a permanent home in the renowned Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam.

Buy the White Leather Tinkerbell Handbag ($419) here
Buy the Copper Metallic Leather Tinkerbell Handbag ($619, price subject to change) here

James Piatt

all images courtesy of James Piatt