Beer Pong Tables With Built-In Coolers!

beer pong tables with built-in coolers

The ultimate gift for the tailgating Beer Pong Enthusiast are these Beer Pong tables with built-in coolers. The 8′ long, lightweight aluminum beer pong tables have a flexible icy bag inset in the center of the table to keep your drinks cold.

Beer Pong Tables With Built-In Coolers

beer pong tables with built-in coolersicy bag in table

Designed by PONGBUDDY, these 8′ foot tables have a durable constructed aluminum frame base with a melamine coated table top which protects against scratches sun damage and beer spills. It is great for traveling because it folds up quickly and easily into a two foot by two foot square. But what makes these optimal for tailgating or outdoor fun is that they have a concealed icy bag, a flexible ice chest inserted in the middle of the table.

Easy to fold and carry, you take them anywhere.

pongbuddy beer pong tables with coolers folded IIHIH

Some of the various designs available:
keep calm and pong on beer pongFootball Field Beer pong table With built-in coolersink it drink it beer pong table with coolertrucker girl beer pong table with built in cooler

Presently available for only $89.99 from the usual retail price of $299.
These tables are also available without the icy bag for $79.99.

Note: prices are subject to change

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