The World’s Coolest Dad – The Man Behind Action Movie Kid.

the dad behind action movie kid

Daniel Hashimoto, a former special effects artist at DreamWorks Animation, is also the world’s coolest dad. Using Adobe After Effects and a few third party plugins, he has turned his son James and baby sister Sophia into action movie stars.

The Dad behind Action Movie Kid

meet the dad behind Action Movie Kid
James, aka Action Movie Kid

Father to the adorable James and Sophia, Hashi – as he calls himself- is a USC graduate in Cinema/Television, interned for Paramount Pictures, worked at Walt Disney Animation Studios and then as an After Effects Artist at DreamWorks Animation. This background makes him perfectly suited to being a ‘dream dad’ who has the ability to bring his children’s imaginations to life. And he does so in a series of videos under the umbrella of ‘Action Movie Kid’.

sister Sophia is now getting into the action as well

A compilation of his short “Action Movie Kid” videos from the youtube channel, was recently making the rounds on Facebook, making all other dads feel like chopped liver.

I had posted it here, but it seems to have since been removed. However, it began with this little gem:

Produced and published in January of this year, Action Movie Kid, Volume 4 is one video to catch you up on six months of adventures:

And here are the previous compilations:

Volume 3:

Volume 2:

Volume 1:

In the following video from Field Day*, Action Movie Kid goes on his grandest adventure yet as he bands together with his baby sister to resist the evil Alpha Tots Academy who want to take them away.

Super Kids Epic Showdown | Action Movie Kid Has A Field Day:

*Field Day is a place to meet and see the YouTube’s most inspired filmmakers, dynamic entertainers, and exciting personalities. Each week, one of these inspired creators tries something new and creates their own unique, imaginative, dream video. Whether they’re investigating far-off places, dancing with remote control cars, or stunt flying with Star Fox, you won’t want to miss these creators #HaveAFieldDay

Dad’s even written an illustrated children’s book about his son James’ imagination-fueled adventures called Action Movie Kid.

the book
Buy Action Movie Kid, the book here.

There’s no sense in competing with Hashi for World’s Coolest Dad. He’s got a lock on the title.

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thanks to Hashi for all the images and videos