This Rome Timelapse Tour Will Urge You To Update Your Passport.

Timelapse tour of rome

At this moment, I have a good friend who’s traveling in Rome. His shared photos on social media have been giving me the urge to get on a plane. Then he posted this. A cleverly-edited timelapse and hyperlapse video from Ukrainian photographer Kirill Neiezhmakov that takes you on an incredible walking tour through beautiful, historical and quirky Rome in less than three minutes. Now I really want to go. Read more

The World’s Coolest Dad – The Man Behind Action Movie Kid.

the dad behind action movie kid

Daniel Hashimoto, a former special effects artist at DreamWorks Animation, is also the world’s coolest dad. Using Adobe After Effects and a few third party plugins, he has turned his son James and baby sister Sophia into action movie stars. Read more