The Coolest Coloring Books For Grown-Ups, Part II. Twenty New Ones for 2011-2012.

coolest coloring books for grown-ups

One of my most popular posts was that of the 30 Coolest Coloring Books for Grown-Ups back in 2009, so it’s time for an update. Since then there have been some fabulous additions to the category by everyone from luxury brands to well-known low-brow artists to individuals self-publishing their own unique coloring books.

Here are my picks for the coolest coloring books of 2011-2012 (some not even out yet but available for pre-order).

Color Ink Books by Brothers Washburn.

To start with, if you are not familiar with the fabulous DIY Periodicals, Color Ink Books by the Brothers Washburn, you’ve been missing out. Their motivation was to create a venue that would infuse the artists with the art enthusiasts. The publications are printed in black and white and give the readers the option to add their own color.

Each 8.5′ x 11′ 100 page volume features a who’s who of pop surrealists, low brow, avant garde, underground, graffiti, street and subversive artists as well as many up and comers.

bros washburn

Tara McPherson, Luke Cheh, Rob Reger, Steve Daily and Chris Ryniak are just a few of the participating artists. Shop for these Bros Washburn Color Ink Books and more here

Modern Art Coloring Books

Natural Wonders Coloring Book by Patrick Hruby:
patrick hruby
Buy it here

A Coloring Book: Drawings by Andy Warhol
Created especially for clients’ children for Christmas in 1961, this coloring book has just been reissued.
andy warhol coloring books
Buy it here

Andy Warhol Coloring Book by Prestel:

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MoMA Color Play Coloring Book:
moma coloring book

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Alexander Girard Coloring Book:
Alexander Girard Coloring Book

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Graff color workbook by Scape Martinez and Graffiti Coloring Book 3: International Styles by Björn Almqvist (Author):

Buy The Graff Color Workbook here
Buy the Graffiti Coloring Book 3: International Styles here

In Between The Lines Coloring Books, Volume 2 and Volume 3 by Rx Art. Featuring line art by well known contemporary artists:

Buy them here

The ridiculously expensive Hermes Les 4 Mondes coloring book
12 pages with 24 designs for you to fill with color, measures 15″ x 11″, $135:
hermes coloring book

Buy it here

Funny, Edgy and Erotic Coloring Books

Fat Ladies in Space by Nicole Lorenz:

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What Would Jesus Color? by Rose Kent
what would jesus color

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An Erotic Adult Coloring Book (15 R-rated pen and ink drawings to color) by Erin K. Lenchner:
erotic adult coloring book

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The Mature Coloring Book by Dalit Salad:
The mature Coloring Bookxxx coloring bookdrugs coloring book

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Fashionable Coloring Books

YSL Coloring Book:
YSL coloring bookysl dress sketches

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My Wonderful World of Fashion and My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion by Nina Chakrabati:

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The Fashion Coloring Book by Carol Chu and Lulu Chang (due out Mar 6, 2012):
fashion coloring book

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