A Chip Off The Ol’ Giant Skull Speaker. New MinuSkull Speakers by Kuntzel+Deygas.

MinuSkull Speakers
above: The 2010 Grateful Vanity accoustic sculpture and a 2011 walnut miniskull speaker by Kuntzel+Deygas

These cool new 50 watt portable speakers, Kuntzel+Degas MinuSkull Speakers were inspired by their unusual and striking oversized accoustic sculpture, Grateful Vanity.

Kuntzel+Degas MinuSkull Speakers

Grateful Vanity, a skull-shaped cabinet and speaker
Kuntzel+Degas MinuSkull Speakers
above: Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Olivie (Kuntzel+Deygas) stand in front of their accoustic sculpture, Grateful Vanity

The new tabletop version, handmade in France, comes in walnut wood or lacquered piano black or lacquered piano white. Not only are they scary looking, but the prices are equally frightening at €1600 for the walnut and €1750 for the black or white- not including shipping.

above: artists Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Olivie (Kuntzel+Deygas) with their new minuskulls
above: artists Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Olivie (Kuntzel+Deygas) with their new minuskulls

Kuntzel+Degas MinuSkull Speakers

minuskull speaker

MinuSkull can be connected to any source of sound (Ipod, mp3, computer,etc). The better the source the more you can enjoy MinuSkull’s high-quality sound.

Technical components inside the skull consist of two broadband Fostex Fe-83 speakers with a membrane made out banana leaf pulp (the eyes). A mini subwoofer for a large and natural restitution. They chose a tailor-made speaker (made in France), which lies underneath the skull. A tailor-made Mosfet amplifier that allows a transparent and dynamic quality of listening without using an additional amplifier.

MinuSkull is expandable : this speaker can be used alone or as a duet in order to improve the stereo effect. Using 5 MinuSkulls creates the basis of a Home Cinema Sound System (a subwoofer should be added in this case).

In the designers’ words “MinuSkull is a mini loudspeaker made for a high-quality sound experience at home. Its extraordinary Hi-Fi system creates a perfect sound, and most of all, to our own standards, it has a soul.”

WIDTH 9.25 Inches HEIGHT 10.63 Inches, DEPTH 5.91 Inches
WEIGHT : 11 lb
Connection : 2 Cinch RCA stereo entries
all images and information courtesy of Kuntzel+Deygas and Minuskull.

Sadly, the speakers are no longer being made.