The Chicest Place to Detox (or Just Relax): Hotel Gabriel in Paris

hotel gabriel in paris

Claiming to be the world’s first “Detox” hotel, the new Hotel Gabriel in Paris has an overall soothing, white ethereal vibe. Complete with light emitting wallpaper, sleek and minimal, but comfortable, accommodations and completely techorated (that’s ‘tech’ and ‘decorated’- yes, my own term) with plasma tvs, iPod stations, LED lighting and unlimited wi-fi.

Hotel Gabriel in Paris

HG exterior

The rooms:

The bath:


Spa at hotel gabriel

On their site they have a collection of photos they call ‘architect drawings’ which are ghost like composites (that female below is actually Drew Barrymore) and those are shown below. The text below is from their own website as well.

The zen-like and refined atmosphere contributes to its quiet sense of relaxation. The Hotel Gabriel Paris Marais is the first “Detox Hotel” entirely devoted to well-being and regeneration. The “Detox” concept focuses on internal ecology to purify the body, where regenerative sleep and healthy foods are essential ingredients.

The soothing, white decor in the rooms and bathrooms, the soft rugs and the comfortable, upscale bedding are complemented by cutting-edge technology with a plasma screen television, an iPod station, LED lights and unlimited Wi-Fi access.

The bar/lounge captures a surrealist decor where shades of white and comfort harmoniously blend. Antioxidant drinks and a wide selection of teas stimulate the body at a cellular level.

Massages and skin care treatments are available upon request and are a perfect supplement to the “Detox experience”. A range of detoxifying treatments are available in the rooms, and they offer the NightCove* sleep system in the Glowing rooms.

*This sleep system provides a variety of light and sound programmes throughout the stages of your sleep cycle. Acting directly on the body’s melatonin levels, it provides a soothing, tranquil sleep. You can also configure it during the day (for naps?) and synchronise it with a computer to read mp3 files.

25 rue du Grand-Prieuré
75011 Parigi
Tel. (33) 1 47 00 13 38
Fax. (33) 1 43 57 97 87
[email protected]

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