The PANTONE Hotel In Brussels Offers Colorful Accommodations (UPDATED).

pantone hotel

The PANTONE HOTEL in the city of Brussels has opened. It’s part of the new PANTONE UNIVERSE, an expanding line of colorful, design-driven products to touch and tempt consumers. Read more

Maison Moschino: Fashionable Fantasy Accommodations In Italy

Italy's Maison Moschino

You are probably familiar with the Moschino fashion brand but did you know they had opened a cool artsy boutique hotel? Introducing Italy’s Maison Moschino. Read more

The Chicest Place to Detox (or Just Relax): Hotel Gabriel in Paris

hotel gabriel in paris

Claiming to be the world’s first “Detox” hotel, the new Hotel Gabriel in Paris has an overall soothing, white ethereal vibe. Complete with light emitting wallpaper, sleek and minimal, but comfortable, accommodations and completely techorated (that’s ‘tech’ and ‘decorated’- yes, my own term) with plasma tvs, iPod stations, LED lighting and unlimited wi-fi. Read more