Wonderful Ways To Warm Up With Wood: New Radiators by i-radium

wood radiators by i-radium

It’s so peculiar how many radiators, wall mounted or free standing, and warming towel racks are beautifully designed. As a Southern Californian I don’t get the opportunity to shop for radiators, but lord knows, if I needed one, there are tons of beautifully designed ones worth considering.

Wood Radiators By I-radium

Wood radiators by i radium

i•radium of Italy has a series of wood radiators designed by both Enzo Berti and Marco Piva. Available in various woods from Maple to Zebra wood, these combine modern design with organic materials making them suited for almost any home.

The latest design to join the collection is the Bag radiator, a freestanding design with a built in handle for mobility.

Bag by Enzo Berti:

Leaf by Marco Piva:

Flutter by Enzo Berti:

Pass Par Tout:

Saturno by Enzo Berti:

The Totem by Enzo Berti:

Wood by Marco Piva:

visit i•radium here to learn more.

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