The Miniature Life Calendar 2018 Is Here

Tanaka Tatsuya Miniature Life Calendar 2018

Tatsuya Tanaka is part miniature photographer and part writer. Born in Kumamoto in 1981, his miniature life photo collections have been published in multiple books and yearly calendars since 2011.

Tanaka Tatsuya Miniature Life Calendar 2018

Tanaka Tatsuya Miniature Life Calendar 2018

He has just released his newest wall-hanging Miniature Life Calendar 2018, published by Hagoromo. Below are a few sample pages.

January 1st
miniature art
April 4th
Tatsuya Tanaka calendars
November 11

miniature life calendars
Price: 2,160 yen (tax included)

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In the past Tanaka has also collaborated with various brands for calendars, such as this fabulous 2017 Final Fantasy Miniature Calendar

Collaboration with Final Fantasy

He also created Miniature Drive, a Calendar Collaboration with Volkswagen:

collaboration with Volkswagen

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