Hermès Window Display by Zim and Zou is a Fox Den Made of Paper and Leather.

zim and zou foxes den window display hermesHermes windows by zim and zou

Another impressive Hermès Window Display by French artists Zim and Zou. This time it’s a Fox Den made entirely of paper – with a fox made of leather – for the luxury brand’s Barcelona store. Read more

Leather Animals In A Paper Jungle For Hermès Window Installation.

hermes leather jungle animals for window installation

For its 13th Carte Blanche, the Hermès store at Hong Kong International Airport is exhibiting a piece by French artists Zim and Zou,’The Eternal Jungle’, which is an invitation into the wild. Read more

Retro 80’s Items Made Entirely Out of Cut Paper by Artists Zim and Zou.

paper objects by zim and zou

I’m happy to have discovered paper artists Zim and Zou, aka Thibault Zimmermann and Lucie Thomas, thanks to an interview in Don’t Panic Read more