Vintage Hollywood Christmas Pics from the ’20s and 30s

Last year we shared 40 fun and colorful Vintage Color Christmas Celebrity Photos with you for the holidays. This year, we’re going to do the same, only go back even further to the 1920s and 30s with some great old black and white photos of Hollywood actresses posing for Christmas portraits. Read more

As Lady Liberty Turns 130, A Comprehensive Visual History

Statue Of Liberty History In Pictures

A gift from France to celebrate our country’s independence, she has has stood over New York Harbor since Oct. 28, 1886. That makes Lady Liberty 130 years old as of yesterday. Read more

Orlebar Brown Puts Slim Aarons Pool Photos on Swim Wear

Slim Aarons Olebar Brown Swim Shorts

Fashion label Orlebar Brown has launched some fabulous photographic summer fashions and swimwear for both men and women which feature the very hip vintage prints of photographer Slim Aarons’ swimming pools. Read more

Vintage Celebrity Photos by Francesco Scavullo: No End To Beauty

Celebrity Photos by Francesco Scavullo
Brooke Shields, screenprint color on canvas, 1984

Eighty-nine vintage photographs by renowned celebrity and beauty photographer Francesco Scavullo were auctioned off in a live auction, Francesco Scavullo: No End To Beauty, by Sotheby’s on November 2nd, 2015. Read more

The Pop Surrealism Of Emmy Lincoln (AKA ItchySoul).

above: In ‘The deeply misunderstood friendly Shiphugger’, ItchySoul has added a giant octopus and water details atop a found vintage oil painting of a classic clipper ship.

Sweden-born artist Emmy Lincoln, who goes by the artist moniker ItchySoul, creates imaginative lowbrow artwork by up-cycling flea market finds such as old oil paintings, antique photos and old book covers as well as creating her own original acrylic works. Read more

The Million Dollar Mermaid Swims Out Of Our Lives. All About The Lovely Esther Williams. (35 photos)

Esther Williams hero IIHIH

Most of my readers are too young to know who Esther Williams was. But if you like bathing beauties, pin-up girls, singing, acting, swimming, big production numbers (Busby Berkeley) and corny romances, you’ll want to know more about the legend we just lost at the age of 91. Read more

Technicolor Twinkle Toes. Embroidery on Vintage Photos of Dancers.

Embroidered Photos of Dancers

Now living and working in Berlín, Chilean-born Jose Romussi formally studied landscape design when growing up. But over the past few years has gained a significant following for his embroidered photos of dancers; screen prints and collages in which he combines vintage black and white photographs with colorful forms of hand sewing. Read more

Photographer Amy Friend Brings Light, Romance And Mysticism To Vintage Photos in ‘Dare Alle Luce.’

Dare alla Luce by Amy Friend

In her series, Dare alla Luce, photographer Amy Friend alters vintage images by deliberately allowing light to pass through them. Amy says the project aims to return the photographs, and indeed the souls of the subjects, to the atmosphere. Read more