A Love Letter to New York, Books and Lonely Hearts on Valentine’s Day.

Sincerely erik short film

Sincerely, Erik is a tender love letter to New York, books and lonely hearts – making it perfect for Valentine’s Day. Written and directed by the first-time filmmaker and book lover Naz Riahi, and chosen by Vimeo as one of its best films of 2020, the 12 minute short film is a love letter to New York City and to literature. Read more

Diversion from Hyun Mini – 3.5 Minutes of Hypnotic Fish Heads

Diversion animated film

I won’t pretend I understood the concept behind Diversion from Hyun Mini, a graduation project, until I read the artist’s own description. But I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed this hypnotic, computer generated video of people with fish heads and thought you might as well. Read more

2016 Movie Tribute by Max Shiskin

Creating a year end compilation from movies and tv is becoming an annual project for Max Shiskin who did the same in 2014 and 2015. This year’s 2016 Movie Tribute is seven minutes of footage from 154 movies (and some TV) released this past year edited together by similarly composed scenes and visuals. Read more

This Animated Spooktacular Alphabet Is Frightfully Adorable.

spooktacular animated alphabet

Adam Osgood’s Spooktacular: An Illustrated Alphabet is a hand-drawn series of 26 spooky individual letters that come alive as animated gifs. Read more

Valentino Kahn’s Deep Down Low Music Video is Nion Tokyo’s First.

Deep Down Low Music Video

NION Tokyo is a new film, commercials & music video production house in Japan. Their first completed project is this wild music video by Cineasta director Ian Pons Jewell for Valentino Khan‘s ubiquitous track, Deep Down Low. Read more

Amy: A Short Film About How Hurt People Hurt People.

Amy short film

A pair of ex-lovers bump into one another in a Los Angeles neighborhood and spend a spontaneous afternoon together. Read more

Look and Listen: The Chemical Brothers’ Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

chemical brothers I feel so deserted video

Directed by Ninian Doff, this new video for the Chemical Brothers song ‘Sometimes I feel So Deserted’ is truly a beautiful narrative. The combination of a little Walking Dead, a little Mad Max, a little Breaking Bad, a nod to The Wizard of Oz and a lot of nicely shot footage are worth a look. Read more

This Is It – Shit Gets Real For Two College Guys In Their First Apartment.

This is it short film

Brooklyn based writer/director Alexander Engel brings us a very funny but accurate depiction of two college kids in their first apartment in “This Is It”. Shit gets real. Fast. Read more