Duda Lozano’s Embroidered Patch Tattoos Are Mind-Blowing.

São Paulo tattoo artist Duda Lozano takes his inking a step further than the usual skull or floral portrait. He’s developed a way to make his ink look EXACTLY like three dimensional embroidered patches sewn directly onto the skin. And it’s mightily impressive. Read more

Ex-Gang Members See Themselves Without Tattoos For The First Time

ex-gang members

Photographer Steven Burton started his project, Skin Deep, with a simple premise: take heavily tattooed ex-gang members, digitally remove their ink and create before and after portraits. Teaming up with Homeboy Industries, an organization that supports ex-gang members and the previously incarcerated, the Skin Deep project has evolved into an emotionally charged series of images, insights and a newly published book. Read more

Plastic Fantastic. A Look At All Of Good Ol’ Sailor Brand’s Bottle Designs For Their 3 Vodkas, Beer and Now, Gin.

Good Ol' Sailor Brand's Bottle Designs

Good ol’ Sailor is Galatea’s brand for traditional, organic and innovative vodka, classic beer and – launching this month, Gin. Besides being great-tasting, Sailor Vodka, Beer and Gin add two important dimensions: ecological thinking brought into liquor products, and the way to wrap them in playful, artistic designs by female illustrators, in a male dominated and often conservative niche. Read more

Inked Magazine Profiles Kat Von D with Stunning Photos by James Dimmock.

Tatted siren Katherine Von Drachenberg, aka Kat Von D, graced the cover of Inked Magazine accompanied by an interview and these stunning photos by celebrity photographer James Dimmock. Read more