Dining Dali Style. Salvador’s Sumptuous 1973 Cookbook Is Reprinted.


Much like his surreal art, Salvador Dali’s original 1973 cookbook contained recipes that are sumptuous and sensual. Re-released in a new printing by Taschen, the book is as much fodder for the eyes as it is for the stomach. Instructions to prepare the Old School cuisine are accompanied by images of his imaginative artwork and his musings on various related subjects such as Dinner conversation. Read more

New Julius Schulman Edition for Mid-Century Modern Architecture Fans

Taschen has just released a new edition of Julius Shulman: Modernism Rediscovered featuring over 400 of the legendary photographer’s archives. The collection is a drool-worthy gift for any Mid-Century Modern architecture lover. Read more

A Big Beautiful Book of Sharks. In A Shark Cage.

Taschen has recently released a truly beautiful collector’s edition of Michael Muller’s Sharks featuring the breathtaking shark photographs of Michael Muller. The oversized book is presented in its own hand-distressed shark cage made of metal. Read more

A $2500 Terrific Tome From Taschen of Annie Leibovitz’ Awesome Photography.


Taschen publishes a special SUMO sized volume of the works of photographer Annie Leibovitz. Read more