Robin Williams Tribute and Pop Culture Nesting Dolls by Andy Stattmiller.

robin williams and pop culture nesting dolls hero IIHIH

After spotting artist Andy Stattmiller’s Russian Nesting Doll Tribute to Robin Williams as a user submission on Bored Panda, I wanted to see if he’d made any others. Looking led me to his wonderfully hand-painted wooden Matryoshka inspired by pop culture cult faves Batman, The Big Lebowski and Breaking Bad. Read more

Radical Russian Nesting Dolls by Designer Katya Malakhova.

Radical Russian Nesting Dolls

Russian freelance graphic designer and photographer Katya Malakhova has designed a series of  Radical Russian Nesting Dolls (or Modern Matryoshkas) which combine items that at first seem contradictory. Read more

Matryoshka Madness: Russian Nesting Dolls In Every Form

matryoshka madness

I know, I know, you’ve seen the popular trend of these Russian Nesting Dolls on lots of blogs, but before you think you’ve seen them all, take a look. I defy you to find a larger collection than my own examples of Matryoshka Madness (especially since this post has been updated with Part 2!) Read more