Radical Russian Nesting Dolls by Designer Katya Malakhova.

Radical Russian Nesting Dolls

Russian freelance graphic designer and photographer Katya Malakhova has designed a series of  Radical Russian Nesting Dolls (or Modern Matryoshkas) which combine items that at first seem contradictory.

above: Katya with her “Brain” matryoshka

Using imagery that one would think incompatible with the well-known Russian souvenir icon, Katya has turned medical organs, superheroes, Playmates and S&M Dominatrices into Nesting Dolls.

Her stylized Batman Matryoshka:

The Gene Mutation Russian Doll turns a Cheburashka into Mickey Mouse:

Corsets, lingerie and breasts decorate her Playmate Matryoshkas:

Swarovski Crystal Russian Nesting Dolls:

A special thanks to Collabcubed for bringing Katya’s work to my attention.

See all of Katya’s work at her website.