Robin Williams Tribute and Pop Culture Nesting Dolls by Andy Stattmiller.

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After spotting artist Andy Stattmiller’s Russian Nesting Doll Tribute to Robin Williams as a user submission on Bored Panda, I wanted to see if he’d made any others. Looking led me to his wonderfully hand-painted wooden Matryoshka inspired by pop culture cult faves Batman, The Big Lebowski and Breaking Bad.

Andy’s doll sets are hand-painted with acrylic on classic wooden nesting dolls and go for approximately $3000 USD a set at at Gallery 1988

RobinWilliams nesting open IIHIH

Andy pays tribute to the late great Robin Williams with this 8 piece nesting doll which captures several of Robin William’s most popular film and TV roles. From largest to smallest : Mrs. Doubtfire, The Birdcage, Fisher King, Death to Smoochy, Jumanji, Good Morning Vietnam, Mork and Mindy, and Aladdin. They are all hand painted with acrylic on wooden dolls. The largest measures 7″tall and the smallest, 0.75″.

RobinWilliams nesting front and back IIHIH
RobinWilliams nesting left and right IIHIH
RobinWilliams nesting closeup IIHIH

Batman nesting IIHIH

Inspired by the 1960’s Batman TV show. This kitschy hand-painted set of 8 Matroyshka features Batman, Robin, The Joker, Batgirl, The Riddler, Alfred, Catwoman and The Penguin. The largest doll measures 8″ tall and the smallest, is 0.75″.  Acrylic on wood. $3000 [SOLD OUT]

Batman front and back IIHIH
Batmanleft and right IIHIH
Batman-detail-cu IIHIH

big lebowski nesting IIHIH

The Cohen Brothers’ cult flick The Big Lebowski is depicted as Russian Nesting Dolls. The biggest is Walter Sobchak (featuring Donny in the ashes and his ex wife’s Pomeranian), followed by The Dude, Jesus, Maude, Mr. Lebowski, The Stranger; and finally the smallest – the Marmot. The largest doll stands 8″ tall and the smallest 0.75″. Hand-painted with acrylic on wood. $3000 [SOLD]

big-lebowski front and back IIHIH
big-lebowski left and right IIHIH

Only one of these sets were made by Andy. The Breaking Bad TV drama is depicted with Walter White aka Heisenberg, Jesse Pinkman, Mike Ehrmantraut, Saul Goodman, Skylar White (with baby Holly), Hank Schrader, Gustavo Fring, and the one-eyed, burnt pink teddy bear that was floating in the pool. This 8 piece set measures from 7″ tall to the smallest at 0.75″ tall.

Breaking+Bad+front and back IIHIH
Breaking+Bad+nesting+cu IIHIH

The $3000 set of Breaking Bad Nesting Dolls is available for purchase at Gallery 1988

Andy Stattmiller

images courtesy of the artist and Gallery 1988 (West)